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Guy Shot for Asking 'DYEL'?


Anybody see this?

Can't believe this is real



I knew that meme would end someone's life


Apparently it is a YouTube famous prankster that goes by the name of Vitalyzdtv. He asks people if they lift to try and get a reaction. It's actually pretty funny. I wonder if he'll stop after this though.


"The police asked the shooter why he has done that, he admitted that he was busting his ass off for his bodybuilding competition and couldn´t handle such a statement from someone who doesn´t even look like he could lift a coke bottle."

If the guy who said it looked like that and the guy with the gun was a bodybuilder then he's really fucking stupid. I mean it's not like the guy who said it was hitting close to home or anything if you know what I mean.


Doubt it's vitaly, he's based in miami. Besides he's had a gun pulled on him before. Check out the zombie prank he pulled last year.

Another thing, he recently posted a are you pregnant and do you squat videos.


i can't understand why he walked away and came back with a gun. he could have just beat the guy up when they were still face to face


I love how they blame his preworkout. For fucks sake isn't anyone just a bad person anymore without needing to look for some other excuse to blame it on? Guy just sounds like a nut who shouldn't be allowed to own a firearm.


This is obviously fake.


Might as well start the ban on creatine and caffeine.


I hear National Medical Associations are considering labelling "Roid Rage" as a substance-induced disease.


Ha wow, he shoulda just ripped the dude's arms of and beat him with em like any respectable bodybuilder would have


of course pre workout turns you into a raging lunatic


Damn bodybuilding competitors.... I always said that no one needs be be so damn serious about their training.
(wait,.. no, scratch that, I've never said that)



thats why you only take the recommended dose....cause anything higher turns you into the hulk and you start smashing shit


Since when are BB'ers strong? Apart from the 1% top tier competitors. Big does not equal strong.



I bet that guy wasn't that impressive looks wise. Probably a fat cunt with fat arms, thinking he's ripped like Arnold in his prime.

I seriously don't see someone looking like Simeon Panda getting offended by some random guy's comment regarding his physique.

When you're confident about your looks, you don't reach for a gun to pussy whip a scrawny guy who's mocking you.


Let's see if this stays unnoticed until page two.


On Instagram Vitaly said that part three to his "do you even lift prank gets crazy" and he had a link to the article


Shhh! don't ruin everyone's fun!



Stu are you the one that pulled the trigger? Come on now. Those preworkout Poptarts do something to a man.