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Guy Really Likes Classic Grow!


This Biotest customer ordered 200 tubs of Classic Grow!

And you wonder why Biotest is sometimes low on inventory!


C'mon, give us his address so we can go beat him with a stick for hoarding it all at once!!!

Nice pic though...


Was that when it was cheap or did he just need to stock his fallout shelter? :slight_smile:


I'm guessing he ordered them during the $12.50 sale. That way he can turn around and re-sell them for regular price. Brilliant! (Guinness beer commercial voice)



"This soon-to-be-Biotest distributor ordered 200 tubs of Classic Grow!"

Yes, I'm bitterly jealous. &%$#@&*!!!


i am filled with TEH HAT!

I bet that's the same bastard what cleaned out the ZMA, too. May his cunning soul rot in eternal perdition.


I've got nothing against the guy... no wait, I HATE HIM... but I'll be checking ebay if this guy tries to palm them off for retail :frowning:

$12.50 was a beautiful gift of a price though.

I need email notification when that happens again, MODS :stuck_out_tongue:




HMMMM??? That guy looks familiar??

Well maybe not but damn it a guy can wish. Maybe a long lost relative or something. I could then put a copntract out on him and collect a Grow! inheritance.

Smart move if he caught the sale and has a nice place to store the stash.


Should change the name to Guy likes to make money on Grow! No way can he possibly consume that much protien before the exp date. It goes bad 12/07.

Great, great deal that 12.50, best protien I've ever tasted, and I usually hate vanilla powders. Wish I had more money at that time.


Probably but im betting I could go through that by Dec. I have easily gone through 5-6 tubs in a month and if I had that much hell it be ON.

None the less if he is using it for say shakes at a business or what not I say GOOD. His custiomers should be happy he's using a High quality protein supplement instead of some cheap crap.


Can't argue that. The man knows quality.


I have to tell you, I can't blame the guy. Personally I think that's the greatest product that Biotest ever produced! And that's saying a lot.


Nahh, turns out the guy runs a little coffee shop. Many of his drinks contain Classic Grow!, and he also makes protein shakes. He goes through a couple of tubs a day.


Address, please! (No,not so we can beat him with sticks!)


Well in that case, more power to him. That's one way for a small shop to go up against Starbucks!


I saw a tub of Classic Grow! back-of-house at the smoothie shop in my gym... Excited, I asked the clerk if thats what they used and she said it was just one of the trainers jugs. Thought maybe they had a good thing going.


TC or anybody, i was just wondering if there is an "expiration" date for Classic Grow!? i figured it could sit on the shelf for 1-2 years if its still sealed


As I recall, it's usually good for a year and a half.


Did he still get free shipping?


So I guess that means no chocolate Grow! for a while.... damn this man!