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Guy My Size, Eating Wise?


I know there are calorie calculators out there but they are not accurate enough for me. I am 6'3" 250 lbs, about 15-16% body fat and I have been an athlete my whole life. I just started getting into bodybuilding instead of just weight training about a year ago but I've been lifting for many years.

Should I eat to get lean first or try to build/maintain muscle while losing fat? If so what should I eat? (protein/carbs/fats)

Another note: I need to start putting mass back into my legs, I used to have massive legs but i have had 4 knee surgeries and am trying to get them strong again. So i guess i need to eat to put mass on my legs but take some fat out of my gut.


calorie calculators "are not accurate enough" for you but the advice of random strangers on the internet are?

You're not going to get an exact breakdown of what macros you should be eating. No one is going to do all that work for you without getting paid. Do a little research cause there is TONS of information out there and on this site.


I believe it was Shelby Starnes that did a livespill on how you know when to bulk or cut fairly recently. I couldn't find it when I did a quick search, but the basic premise of his advice was to focus on cutting when you are at or above 15% BF. Once you get down to about 10%, or have minimal stomach / lower back fat, you should focus on bulking again. Hopefully my memory serves me well, but I would find the article just to be sure.


Yeah, I don't know what you mean exactly when you say most aren't accurate for a guy your size.

Here's a good one though, you enter how active you are throughout the day, so i think it will give you a btter answer than some simpler calculators.