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Guy Mezger's MMA Gym in Dallas

Hey Guys,

I am interest in joining a martial arts gym and learning kick boxing, muay thai. I live in Dallas and have looked around. There is this one gym, which is owned by Guy Mezger, that is close by. It is all access for $105/month + tax and a minimum contract of 6 months. The website is www.guymezger.com. I am new to martial arts but am very serious about it.

Those of you who are experience, is the price too much or is this how much it runs? And does the gym seem legit to you guys? If not, what should I be looking for? I just want to become a very good fighter and learn the art very well.

Thanks for your help.

Guy Mezger basically whooped Chuck Liddell’s ass until he “got caught”…this was in PRIDE FC back in the day…seriously just google “Guy Mezger.” You’ll find all you need to know.

Its legit…and damn $105/month…all access?? I figured his gym would be higher…that’s a good deal to me.

105/month for unlimited training is pretty reasonable in my opinion. I’d go check it out first, they’ll usually let you do a class or two for free before signing up, just to make sure you’re into it.

yeah guy mezger is legit, has fought all over sounds resonable to me

On a side note Guy Mezger always seemed to have the worse luck of any fighter I’ve seen. Whipping up on Chuck, boom, knocked out highlight real style. Same with Wandy. He also was on the bad end of some pretty shitty decisions against Sakuraba & Arona.

He kinda reminds me of an earlier version of Chuck Liddell. Really good standup and hard to take down.

For comparison, is $35.00 every six weeks.


Dallas Judo and Jujitsu is a bit more




Dallas Judo has links to most of the Judo places in the DFW area.

You might want to consider starting with Judo for six months and then transitioning to Mezger.

thats pretty goddamn good imo

I’d suggest checking all of the schools in the area out.

I don’t want to talk shit about Guy, but from people I know who have trained with him (or watched him coach) he is a much better fighter than he is a coach. Just because someone fought professionally doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to guide others to that level of proficiency.

Of course, if that’s the best school that you’ve got available to you, then go for it.