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Guy McPherson

 This guy came to visit my college today. He's a former professor at a couple Universities, and now lives in a self sustained small community waiting the inpending fuel crisis and global warming to end western society. He had a lot of legitimate sources in his presentation however I just couldnt believe what he said. He claimed that in roughly 12-14 years all of western civilization will collapse due to fuel shortages. Also that global warming would cause the extinction of the human race with no way to turn it around.
 He claimed that the rainforest has had a huge increase in decaying matter because of how dry it's been (due to global warming). The increase in greenhouse gasses from the decaying matter outpaces the green house gasses from US automobiles.
 He wants Western civilization to collapse to save the earth...

 I disagreed with him on almost everything, and he dodged the question I asked which made him even less credible to me. But the Guy obviously believes what he said. He had pictures of himself milking a goat, and building stuff for agricultural purposes (greenhouses made from straw and mud, etc).

I personally am sketchy on man caused global warming, I had a much stronger opinion against it while I was younger, but I also had more time to keep up on the issue than I do now. I was just curious if anyone has heard of this guy, or has any thoughts on what I wrote.

Its all fun and games until people can no longer finance their shiny toys, then you will see fast breeders and thorium reactors get built so fast that your head will spin.

Fuck oil.

As far as global warming goes, yeah well, the Dutch have been building dikes for a few centuries now, so either we will wait a few centuries until we slowly, slowly drown, or we just throw up a wall of mud.

However, I do not get the hiding in the woods part, what good will that do?