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Guy Loses It at Planet Fitness


Lol just ran across this video, recorded in the infamous planet fitness. lulz


"Repetition" is a song written by David Bowie in 1979 for the album Lodger. In the song Bowie explores domestic violence from the abuser's point of view, sung in a deliberately unemotional tone that served to highlight the lyric and the unnatural slur of the bass guitar.


Vid has appeared on these forums in the past.
I expect that's what Coop's "Repetition" post is alluding to. Albeit with a nice flourish.


how the fuck did the mirror not break? U think they fitted plastic mirrors after so many people tried to smash them after getting pissed off?


you have got to be kidding me????

This video has already been posted at least 10 times. OP has been here since 07 and hasnt seen this video posted yet?


i would like more roid rages on gym videos


Even though this has been posted a ton, it's still as awesome as the first time I saw it. That guy fucking loses it.


thats how I felt when I saw this video was posted again....


It's awesome to see, but his actions just reinforce the stereotype, and further give reason for the Lunk Alarm in the minds of mind-fucked Americans.


How about that Shakeweight?


Lunk Alarm + Shake Weight = EPIC DOOM


A young guy went nuts like this at our gym a while back. Not because he was told to be quiet, never found out the reason. But he dented several FW benches and some HS machines. Can't imagine what he had to do to bend steel frames LOL.

He's no longer allowed in, imagine that


I did see some goofy kid (well he was about 20) break a 35lb Db because at the end of each set of incline presses he'd dump them with momentum.

He looked to see who saw. There's me hands on hips shaking my head with that disappointed face.


Otto spelled backwards is Otto. I'm scared now.




I think it's fake.

The video.