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Guy Knows His Way Around Pull-ups


I like the bike pull-ups.


I wonder what he squats?




That's awesome. There's nothing but pullup bars and dip bars in that whole park area, I bet there's a bunch of guys around there that have some serious pullup/dip stats there.


The reverse grip muscle ups and slo-mo muscle ups were badass. That was impressive.


I love ex-soviet playgrounds. Always some good pullup/dip bars.


not quite the same... but impressive considering he's around 160kg


Indeed, reverse grip muscle up? Damn, never even seen anybody do that.


who cares.


What crossfit module is this?


Not impressive or difficult at all. And he looks like he's going to have a heart attack doing it.


Absolutely magnifique...


The kids must be scared to go to that park.


You missed the part about this being in the Ukraine. Ukrainians are scared of nothing.


^^ Also, there are no Ukrainian children, so I was wrong in two ways.


Why do ex-Soviet playgrounds always look like post-apocalyptic wastelands? A group of mutated, nomadic scavengers a la "Mad Max" or a stage boss from Resident Evil would not look out of place there. I know money and infrastructure is an issue but couldn't someone at least paint some sunflowers or something on the asphalt?

"Yuri, go play in concrete calisthenic zone. If fall from 40 foot tall climbing tower, die. If make to the top, strong enough for we to send you to Naval academy. Go now."




The usual:

Professor X: This is a BODYBUILDING site. If people are truly impressed by this, then the sport itself is doommed.

BONEZ: Who cares. Use the search function.

Iron Dwarf: My wife is hotter.

Oleena: He was abused as a child. In fact, he's still being abused.

Waylander: This is me at 271.8 lbs this morning (posts picture)

Holymac: (saves as desktop background)

Who'd I miss?


In Soviet Russia...BIKE RIDES YOU!!!


LOL @ 160kg. maybe 130, more like 120.