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Guy Iaquinta - Over 40 & Kicking Ass



This guy is awesome. Only started bodybuilding 4 years ago, and is looking jacked as hell. An over 40 masters competitor, this vid has him training back/bi's at Bev's Powerhouse.

Quite impressive. Weighed 160 only 4 years ago and now goes 208 at single digit bf......


Very impressive, and that gym looks awesome, I wish my gym had so many back machines!


He's cool. Pretty normal for 4 years of serious training, especially considering he's been working with Dave and some pros.

^ Yeah, Bev's is an awesome gym.


It is a great gym. Haven't been there in a while, but used to train there when it was still a Golds...

A truly hardcore place....


looks good.....hmm


hmm what?

You know slimthugger, or should I call you Brian, you're not very good at this undercover thing dumbass.


Ever since I started watching those in the trenches videos with Dave Palumbo and now videos on RXmuscle I've wanted to go there and train.

It just looks like a great place, with an awesome atmosphere. Plus so many huge guys lift there it'd be hard not to find a better place to learn and grow. Too bad I live 13 hours away.


hahaha. yep, it couldn't be more obvious. I have a feeling that failing is pretty much the only thing he's 'good' at.


wow impressive!


Lol...when did trolling skill go down the drain?