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Guy Gets Beat Up In Gym for Grunting



Stuart Sugarman loved to cheer himself on and grunt in spin class �?? but now the hedge-fund manager is paying dearly for his vociferous workout.

He was allegedly beaten by a gymmate who snapped at the loud antics �?? and hurled Sugarman and his stationary bike into the wall of an Upper East Side gym.

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Is Dave Tate on a calorie deficient diet again?


May I just say that riding a stationary bike for an hour is the most idiotic workout ever, and it amazes me that the typically high-powered A-type businessmen who do it still feel it's a worthwhile use of their time. I was hoping it was a fad that would die out.


Who better fit for such self-deception?


I completely agree. Why would you pay money to listen to awful BillBoard Top 20 radio played remix shit while being told to pedal faster/slow down/pedal faster/slow down? Just hire some crackhead to chase you down the street on your ten speed with the promise of a crisp $5 bill!


While it may not be the workout you guys prefer, at least people are doing something to get in shape rather than sit on their butts all day. Sometimes what motivates people most is being in a class room full of people. Who cares what they're doing, as long as its for themselves.


"The first thing he does after the incident is hop on his bike and work out another 40 minutes," he said. "The second thing he does is hire a personal-injury lawyer and the third thing he does is alert the media."

Such dedication. Respeck.


That guy had to be taking creatine. Roid rage for sure.


I work and live very close to that Equinox, and it has to be the least iron friendly gym of all time. The most amazing part of this story is that a guy from this type of gym had the ability to "smash him into the ground." I guess gerbil like cardiovascular activity produces a mean rage!


That could only happen in a spinning class. If it were somewhere that people actualy lift, the guy who charged would have been flattened by his own effort at tackling.


Nahh, he probably found out he fucked his boyfriend at the local "Manhole" bar on the upper east side.


That guy got fucked up...bad. I wish I could have seen that. I have this guy at the gym that wears this small ass t and you can see his nipples and hairy chest as he's on the stair stepper. I want to reinact this move.


well who hasn't made some noise on their weights my attitude is fuck em make some noise and if you dont like the sound of me hurling 90 pound dumbells to the floor after doing shoulder presses, stand in front of me and catch em

but you would never catch me grunting on spinning bike ;>[


Unless someone removed the seat as a practical joke and you sat down??


Hum.... I don't know to whom I should side with.
The spinning screamer, or the spinning tackler.

U see... screaming like that in a spinning class is damn stupid and worthy of a butt kicking.
BUT, charging a guy on a stationary bike who has no way of defending himself (other than bracing for the fall) is not really a courageous move either.

Now, if the tackler would have kicked the screamer's ass in a regular fight, then yes I would root for the tackler.


I have just a tinge of envy. I've never taken a spinning class but I sure have felt like decking some people at the gym. Just never acted on them.....yet.


Oh yea, well they are still sitting! They are just siting and spinning....


It's kind of funny to see the first description as

" and HURLED Sugarman and his stationary bike into the wall of an Upper East Side gym."

Then in the same article describe the incedent again as

"The broker tipped the hedge-fund manager and his bike into the wall, smashing a hole in the sheetrock, Davis said. "Then he smashes him back onto the ground, with the bike falling on top of him."

Hurled and Tipping or two distinct things.


Maybe he wasn't grunting from exertion. He just couldn't stand the shitty music they play anymore. And it was probably the broker's fav song.