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Guy Dates Pornstar on Maury


Thats right!!! he has the girl in my avatar!




Haven't seen the vid, but I was worried it was one of the girls in your old avy. Good thing you changed it. Those last two girls on your old avatar were....eh nevermind.


werid, haha

and i thought i was in a werid relationship, haha


Wow, she looks NOTHING like her picture


The last time I saw her in a porno she was being gagged by two white cocks and she was vomiting into a dog food bowl.


I'm sure that was an edifying experience for you.





I wouldnt touch her with a barge pole


Typical morning,Give me a kiss before you go off to work.

She does first of 10 part series "My White Dad... Taboo 1" Takes one in da mouth one in da hole and one in da pooper" Swallows everything spits out swallows again from a spoon.

Afternoon she does "Black on Black: It's really not a crime" Guy smacks her in the face with his schlong 20 times then tries to stretch her mouth puts in her pooper then back in her mouth and tops it off with a nice beaded neckalce....

She takes a quick shower runs home and kisses her husband when he walks in the door.

He can keep his pornstar.


I Lold


At least he knows she puts out.


Maury is fucking hilarious. I often wonder if he likes his own show.


I bet he likes the checks that come with his show.


The first link if you google her name is "Skyy Black getting her phat ass rammed."


I've never heard of this guy.

Is it a Jerry Springer rip-off?


You philistine. Maury is a very different character. The Maury show specializes in paternity episodes and other "wild and shocking" issues without being a straight-up freakshow.

On the spectrum of freakshowishness, Jerry Springer is the most ludicrous, Steve Wilkos is the most legitimate and Maury Povich is intermediate to the two.


Who's Steve Wilkos?


Not a rip-off, but your question made me semi-curious.

Ironically, they both started their own talk shows the same month - September 1991.


Steve is Jerry's old chief of security. He has his own show now where he specializes in confronting people who have been accused of, generally speaking, abusing their family or children in some way. He gives them a polygraph test and generally berates them for being scum.

I consider myself something of a connoisseur of the Fox daytime lineup.