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Guy Craps on Charles Poliquin


Please voice your opinions:


What’s this guy’s beef? Was Poliquin fucking his missus or something?


Thats Bret Contreras, posted a few articles on here I believe.

5:30 into the video, I believe Bret is talking about this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/achieving_structural_balance

280lbs bench to 380lbs bench is NOT 280lbs to 525lbs…

So I’m already skeptical listening to Bret as he’s using exaggerations to bash Poliquin, I’ll carry on with the video though.


So there may be a similar article, so thats fine and Bret seems quite reasonable so far.

But if you look at a few articles on Charles’ site, he does give quite a few references to most of the actual advice he gives, which coincides with other advice given by other top coaches.


I’m not familiar with Poliquin, but the claims Poliquin has made that this individual discusses are rather unusual. 250+ lbs to incline benching due to external rotations? Anti-oxidant rich diet giving a 14lb increase of muscle in 5 days?

Again, I’m not familiar with Poliquin or any of the source material but those two claims are pretty intense, lol.

I find the diet claim especially interesting, because I recently was reading about a claim that one of the determining factors for Jamaica’s success in sprinting was their diet of lean protein (fish), potassium (bananas), et cetera… this was essentially called ridiculous, at best.


Haven’t watched the vid yet 'cause I’m at work, but I might at some point. Remember Poliquin talking about the guy who gained like 10lbs of muscle in a few days by eating avacado from the Dominican Republic? He’s a scam artist with large arms who trys to sell people his snake oil, nothing more.


looks like he built himself quite the physique in those 10 years


I think a lot of Mr. Poliquin’s claims come from re-gaining muscle. Re-gaining 10 lbs is a lot different than adding 10 new pounds. At least that has been my experience. I do think that there are a lot of bogus claims made with skewed results, and it does get a little humorous. This guy makes a lot of valid points, but he also has to realize that this is a business, and people will sell snake oil to uneducated people if it means making money.

Also, you have to realize that not everyone is as educated, and by not educating people the guru’s and a lot of the supp companies are able to continue making money.

Also, I have posted this a few times over the past week, but I love this fucking video.

Favorite part is when someone says kettlebells and everyone just laughs.



This looks like Bret Contreras… So I wouldn’t take it 100% seriously.(I didn’t watch this)


I actually hate the mediocrity of this article and I actually find it worse than the poliquin stories.

“the pitfalls of progressive overload” from his website.


[quote]A.Lurker wrote:
What’s this guy’s beef? Was Poliquin fucking his missus or something?[/quote]

Did you watch the video?

[quote]So What wrote:
This looks like Bret Contreras… So I wouldn’t take it 100% seriously.(I didn’t watch this)[/quote]

Why’s that?

[quote]Goodfellow wrote:
I actually hate the mediocrity of this article and I actually find it worse than the poliquin tories.[/quote]

How is it mediocre? Do you find it to actually be as mendacious as the claims that it criticizes?

Contreras make specific criticisms, so I’d be interested to hear the same from those criticizing his video.


I think a lot of Poliquins extreme claims are just jokes that were misunderstood through the internet. At least I hope so.

Things like gaining 15 lbs and dropping 5.2% bodyfat by eating Dominican food for two days. He can’t believe that.


Burn 'em Gurus!

Contreras showing some serious ball-strength here.
Of course he’s right but I doubt it’ll help him much. Probably on the contrary.

Still, I’m gonna buy his assbook just to show some support.


Poliquin DOES have some very valid training and nutritional advice. Unfortunately, it’s usually sandwiched between various random turds of misinformation and general insanity.

Bret presents some legitimate beefs with Poliquin’s advice and methods, but man, that 30 minute video could have been shortened to 5 minutes simply by removing all the “like, umm”'s…


I read the actual ‘grill the guru’ article. Brett has some beef


Have to LOL at the people who come in and didn’t watch the video, yet throw in some input.

Poliquin does know his shit, but his claims are definitely outrageous at times. I’m sure he pisses off a lot of coaches.


Poliquin had some good info, but he’s so full of shit it’s hard to take him seriously. Also just noticed that Poliquin’s name is missing from the featured author section. Wonder what that’s about?


Charles…trained a guy who gained like 20 pounds of muscle in a month just by megadosing fish oil


Charles Poliquin: "A guy I knew once, who worked for a national ski team, would do 23 single-arm pull-ups off the end of a diving board in an empty swimming pool.

I also knew a bodyguard who could do a controlled, one-arm, one-finger pull-up ? 30 seconds up, 30 seconds down. That guy was, not surprisingly, also a great mountain climber."

Full article here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/question_of_strength_vol_49


ROFL “I can put on 11 lbs in 2 days…maybe half/half (muscle-fat)” (around 8min 30s)

…clearly doesn’t understand physiology. Can’t believe I watched till there.

You know what they say about a little bit of knowledge…