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Guy beating a woman

I saw something very troubling and disturbing yesterday. I was waiting to catch a public transport at a seedy part of downtown Melbourne(Australia). From a distance, I saw a man and a woman get into a heated argument. The guy was a mauri and he was big and burly and tough looking. The lady was a blonde. When the woman tried to walk away from the man he grabbed her by the hair pulling her hard. When still she struggled to escape his clutches, he proceeded to punch the woman on the face hard with his clenched fist. By this stage, the woman was pleading with him to leave her alone and screaming for help, but yet the assault continued. This took place in a fairly busy part of town at a busy time with lots of people walking about. There must have been at least 20 other guys within the vicinity who would have witnessed and heard the incident, yet no-one stopped to help the woman. Not even a security guard who was on shift at a hearby supermarket. Most of them were just looking on in disbelief that such a thing could take place in public. Some even walked right past the incident pretending that they didn’t see anything. No-one had the balls to confront this man assaulting a helpless lady. When the lady was beaten up to his satisfaction, the man just walked away. What kind of a world are we living in when such things are allowed to happen in public view? I’m sure such things happen in other countries and maybe some of you have even witnessed one or two.

You’re disgusted that nobody helped her, yet you did nothing

Why didn’t you walk over there and punch his throat in? I’m not implying anything towards you since I don’t know the circumstances; but almost as bad as the women beaters are the pussies that let it happen.

I’m not blaming it on you, but is there a reason why YOU didn’t step in and do something?

That’s outrageous, people need to keep that shit at home.

Did you try to step in and help?

why didn’t you do anything?

My question to you is WTF, why were you just a bystander. I am not close to being the biggest guy, but I would not just let that go. have some guts

Since you haven’t put your country up I don’t know if you are native to Aus?

They have the same stupid law system as us (pretty obvious since they are one of our (former) colonies). The main reason that no one got involved is that the law prosecutes the person who attacks and is involved in the attack, this happened to my mate, he came out of a bar and saw his mate getting beaten up by two guys, he ran over and lamped the one hitting his mate and the other scarpered, leaving him to attend to his mate. They started walking off to go home and a police car pulled up beside them and arrsted him for punching the other lad! he got three months in prison for that attack (served half).

For that reason, unless it is family or close friend the risks aren’t worth it, sounds shallow but I couldn’t afford to go to prison for a couple of months!

Plus most people are scared whitless in that type of situation too.

It’s shit world!

It fascinates me that I’ve never seen two guys start scrapping without someone intervening and pulling them off each other, yet for something like this everyone is terrified to get involved.

Something similar happened recently in Canada.

Same conclusion.

My hunch is this: in a country where you cant even do yourself justice by your own means, youd be damn stupid to think you can impose your definition of justice (or help someone in trouble) if you don`t have the law on your side (police officer, for example).

And if you are the one who gets transformed in a puddle of mud by trying to be the hero, 1) who tells you that the ones you tried to protect will be there (or even care of have the balls/finances) to ultimately go to court with you, 2) who tells you they wont just run away and let you get out of the hole you just dug yourself, 3) who says YOU wont get sued back?

Ever since I say Training Day, something just stuck with me ever since and got me even more of a legal cynic: Its not what you know, its what you can prove. Man was he right.

(You can rejoice on one thing though: if the person does go to court and finally does time, hell most probably get his comeuppance from his neighbors, specially if it was a lowlife crime, like beating children, juvenile prostitution or pedophilia. Kind of bizarre you only findold style justice` … behind bars.)

I guess this would leave me to ask you, how come u did not do anything???

Did u think the guy would be too much for you??

I fail to see how 20 people could stand and watch, The guy might say it’s not anyone’s business but when u do something like that in public it becomes ur business. I hardly think he would have been tough enough to beat off 5-6 people let alone 20.

I am not trying to judge u or anything so pls dont take offence.

I don’t know the circumstances in which they were arguing but punching a woman in the face is a going too far i think.

What did you do to help? Or were you too far away to render assistance?

OK, you saw all of this and didn’t respond to this woman’s cries for help, either? You do not indicate if you are male or female but regardless of your gender, it seems that you could have assisted in some way.

So my question is what the fuck is wrong with you???

You should have run upto them and stopped him from doing that, at least shouted at them while running towards them. Like you said you can’t allow these things to go on unnoticed in public I know you probably know but a
T-MAN would have stopped that guy dead in his tracks, and dude if he’s bigger than you pick up a brick.

But then again, the woman probably deserved getting beat up…lol

So what’s your excuse for not doing anything?

This has to be a joke. I hope no one on earth is stupid enough to post something like this.

In case this is real, YOU ARE A FUCKING WASTE OF HUMAN FLESH. You observed it with your own eyes and did nothing to stop it, yet criticize others for the same thing. You are worse than the people that didn’t do anything. People like you are the reason that I want to believe in a hell. I think it’d be worth it to make the trip down there just to fuck you up real bad. Do us all a favor and remove yourself from the gene pool. Fucking pussy.

What did you say?

why didn’t you try to do something? I would never let a guy beat the shit out of a woman where I could see it…or hear about it. Even if you think he can take you, better a guy hits a guy then a chick. You were complaining that nobody did anything, but you didn’t either.