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Gutcheck, Please!

Hey there, forum-ites…could use some help or critique of a plan I am putting together. It is sort of a hodge podge of different things so let me know if I am a genius or full of it! I am putting together an 8 week plan to lose about 6% bf and here it goes…I weigh currently 214 at 12% bf. I have left in my supplement cabinet 3 bottles of methoxy 7, 1 bottle of 4AD, 1/2 bottle of tribex, 1 bottle of vitex and 2 tubs of surge. I will be performing 5x5 workouts as suggested by Mr. Joel Marion. I plan to decrease calories every two weeks starting at 3000 (I’m also considering 3200) - wk 1-2:-500, wk 3-4:-500, wk 5-6:-250, wk 7-8:-250, with half of each deficit coming from calorie reduction and the other half from some sort of aerobic/HIITraining. I am thinking of using the methoxy weeks 1-6 and the 4AD for 7-8, and the surge pre/post workout. Where could I best use the tribex/vitex? Please let me know what I am missing or what I should keep in mind. Does this plan make any sense? Specifically, how should I work in any aerobic or interval training, stick with one or the other or is a mix best, if so, how? Also, during the last 4 weeks I am going to try to cut out dairy and bread, and during the last week try to do something about subcutaneous water - what, you ask? I don’t really know. Can anyone say anything about water manipulation and sodium and how the hell to do it without wringing out the muscles - what a help that would be! Anyway, with that I’m outta here, and hope to hear back from the mighty forum. Thanks a ton for any responses…

Oh yeah, just picked up some MD6, so i’ll just take that for as much of the 8 weeks as possible…thanks again…

I think your plan looks great. As for the HIIT stuff, I primarily like the longer rest periods between intervals like the 1:3 ratio that Berardi recommends. But some of the shorter ratios like 1:1 or 1:1/2 are real butt kickers and you might want to give those a try. Just prioritize it based on time. If you have plenty of time use a 1:3 ratio and if you are short on time use the shorter intervals. I believe there are benefits to both styles of intervals.

As for Tribex and M. You could throw the Tribex in any time. Maybe at the beginning to kickstart the process. I have no experience with M, so I don't know what to tell you. I would hold on to it and wait until you do a MAG-10 cycle.

As for the subcutaneous water thing, don't have an answer. Musclemedia did an article on this a few years pack, but I just packed my old issues. Maybe somebody remembers or somebody else has a protocol that has worked for them.