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Gut Weight Gain!


I am trying to bulk up but all my weight is going to my gut. How can i gain weight and not get into tummy trauma.!


check your diet, and check your lifting. when I gain weight in the gut, I like to up the frequency a bit, but I have no idea what you are doing.


Yeah this is so vague for all we know you could be eating cake 6 times a day.


More than that, many newbies think they have a "gut" simply because their stomach is full for the first time.


it's possible that you're bloated from eating more food/different food than you're used to. Keep drinking plenty of water and take FLAMEOUT - I've found that it can make a WORLD of difference in helping me keep off excess bloat in the gut and it's helped my overall digestion as well.


Hehehe,obviously it wasn't the earth shattering problem he originally thought eh?


Does he drink beer?


God you can only have been on that stuff a week; you didn't waste any time making your order :wink:


Tummy? ... Please tell me your a female...


lol x2