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Gut Check: Evil Dreams Big


Interesting perspective...


Without advancing ANY conclusions whatsoever right now, I will once again say that technology has rendered the application of SOME of the principles of personal liberty in play at our founding a whole lot more complicated than they were then.


That's true but I don't think Gutfeld's conclusions are sound in the least. In fact hearing about his supposed conservative leanings I am surprised and disappointed that he gives a marginal pass to what has happened.


I was in Manhattan about a year ago, and saw Gutfeld standing outside the Fox News building taking a smoke break. I was shocked at how short he was.


It is rare that people on TV are over 5'10. It is rare to see people over 6 foot tall on TV or in the movies.


This guy is wrong. You do not have to violate one ounce of my privacy to find the bad guys. The terrorists are muslims freaks, neo-nazis, and other radicals. Their compounds, mosques, and other places of gathering are not hard to find.

The only reason you have to monitor everybody is that you're too fucking politically correct to call a spade a spade. You want to find the assholes go to where assholes hang out. You know where you could have found the boston bombers? At a mosque. You know where you could find the shoe bomber? At a mosque. You know where you could have found the London bombers? At a mosque. You know where you could have found the 9/11 hijackers? At a mosque. You know where you could have for the Benghazi attackers? At a mosque. You know where you could have found Bali attackers? At a mosque.

I don't know, I think I see a pattern.

We know who the assholes are, we know where they gather, we know where they get their ideas and in ain't Marge in Minnesota looking up how long to cook a stew. It's in a mosque or a compound. If the government is too stupid to figure that out, then they damn sure cannot protect us by violating our fucking rights.


I know that. Vince Vaughn is like 6'4" and looks like a circus freak. But when I say Gutfeld is short - I'm talking look-up-to-Tom-Cruise short.


That is short. I know what it is like to be the circus freak. In India people lined up 30-40 deep just to shake my hand and take a picture with me. It was weird.


Nothing conservative about that position.


It was your awesomeness, you couldn't hold it in.


I wish. I actually had someone ask me it they could stand in my shade. We are on the Equator how much shade could I be making?


Yeah. Exactly.

I had the misfortune of having visited my parents around the time this NSA scandal was being played on "Red Eye" and "The Five" shows on Fox News...my father watches news compulsively and my little brother just like to watch tv, so I was pretty much just hanging out with them watching this "conservative" guy--and everybody else in both shows--miss all the fundamental issues and do a great hatchet job on why this is a big deal.

As his blog posting above suggests, he doesn't understand the root issues. It was infuriating to watch them all trip over themselves to misunderstand the big issues at play and then screw up conveying their misunderstandings to a national TV audience even worse.