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guru's unite!!!

Got a friend going down to the promised land and I can choose from all Quality Vet and Denkall products. Never used Tren but hear great things about it. I keep hearing good things about Tren/test/winny. My question is it ok to use oral winny so my ass doesn’t look like a dartboard and if so at what dosage? Also, D-bol is also an option so should I use that too or instead? Please help a brother out and give me some guidlines!

There are lot of thoeries on how to use Tren:

This is what I usually do:

Tren Acetate 40mg/every third day
Test 250mg/wk
D-Bol 40mg Weeks 1-4, 30-20-20-10
(Weeks 5-8)
Winny V (if you must)@ 50mg/eod Weeks 5-8
Arimidex @ .25mg eod
Nolva Post Cycle: 40mg Weeks 1-2
20mg Weeks 3-4 or 3-5

This is not the Gospel.
Just my particular view.

I just finished a tren/test/winny oral cycle. I was using tren at 75mg/day, test frontloaded at 1500mg, maintained at 1000mg/week (until week 6, then test discontinued), and 100mg oral winstrol daily for a total of 8 weeks. It worked great. Little bit of water retention because of the high dose of test but it wasnt really bad. I’d recommend this cycle. You may want to lower the test dosage to 500mg/week or so, and the winstrol at 75mg day orally (depending on your level of experience, etc.) The only advantage the depot winstrol would give is a more even concentration in the blood, but if you dose your orals right there won’t be much of a difference. I took my tablets about 6 hours apart, however the half life is closer to 9 hours i believe. You will also want clomid/nolvadex, and likely HCG.

Bro get some 25 gauge pins and spot inject the winny into your bi’s and tri’s. It’s worth it.

scorp, you are obviously an experienced user. dont you find those dosages a bit low for your needs? and your TA at e3d’s? i rarely see anyone using it further then eod due to its half life. i have to admit, that cycle(dbol/tren/test) is one of the most potent combo’s i have found but i dont think i would be satisfied with your dosages. were you suggesting those dosages for the guy writing the question?

Yeah thats definetly a good question drago.

I was going to do tren/test/dbol awhile back but decided not too because i’ve heard you can bloat up pretty big on it. But i cant imagine someone with a couple cycles under their belt being too satisfied with those low dosages.

No thanks on the spot injections and I’m not digging the every 3rd day on the tren. That defies all logic. I’m rollin with Justinp’s suggestions, they seem logical. Anybody else have experience with the oral Winny by either Denkall or QV?

Ok veteran. Tell me why you think taking Tren every 3rd day defies all logic. I would love to know your theory. To me a gram of Test a week is complete nonsense. That is way too much Test. It’s a waste really. Reevaluate your scheme.

Hey Drago and other Bro’s-

As you know Tren acetate is twice as potent as the old Tren Hexa. 40mg of Tren Acetate is = to 80mg of the old Tren. You are going to have peaks and valleys in your test profiles cycle regardless how you do it. What I have written is what works for me. If your receptors operate at a sloths pace then do more and do it more frequently. If you need to shoot a gram of Test and 75 mg of Tren in order to grow then you need a break from AAS useage. That is too much gear in my opinion. I would use less gear and throw in some GH for enhanced synergy. That is usually what I do and I do not have to use gram amounts of any single AAS. EOD or every third day with Tren cycled with other AAS is far more sane and safe. If you want more out of less throw some GH in there for better results. That is all for now.

The Scorp.

Gurus unite? I thought this thread was gonna be something special, not a rehash of how to use tren! Jeez.

Apologies Merlin. I must say that you are correct.

well merlin, there arent many of us around to unite these days. scorp, i hope you didnt take my question the wrong way. if there is one thing i have learned is that we all react to various chemicals in our own way. if you get satisfactory results from those dosages then more power to you. when i see someone that obviously knows the game, post something different from what i am used to seeing then i like to find out why. keep posting bro!


Don’t be afraid of the Test/Tren/Dbol cycle. I just finished at 9 weeker, starting with Anadrol 50 in the first 3 weeks before switching over to the Dbol. The cycle was…abso-fucking-lutely AMAZING. I had some bloat (obviously) with taking only 750mg of Test a week, and 50-75mg of Anadrol per day.

I was terrified about the bloat too. I had plenty of Clomid and Nolvadex on hand just incase it all got out of hand. Crazy thing is, I never used ANY Nolva or Clom until I finished the complete cycle (which I’m still taking both right now).

And Drago, not many of us can compete with some of the dosages you take… you fucking lab rat you ROFL.

Just to add my 2 pence

Did my first cycle of test/tren/d-bol and I loved it. Suffered no bloat at all on 750mg sust/75mg tren ed and 20mg d-bol with 0.5mg arimidex eod. I think an individuals response can vary alot. I would quite happily run a gram of test next cycle and 100mg tren with arimidex.

The next cycle i’m looking at doing (i posted about it a couple days back) is likely going to be
deca(or eq)/test/dbol for 12 weeks i think. But i am kind of interested in the tren/test/dbol cycle. Mass can you post or PM me with what your cycle looked like and how it went for you?

Likely i’d tweak the cycle a bit, take dbol for the first 5-6 weeks, then maybe winny for the last 2-3. A-bombs scare me…

And i didn’t mean any disrespect to scorp. You just don’t hear of too many people running their dosages like that in this day and age.

Has anybody heard of/seen/used this new Tren Enanthanate? I’ve seen it around in certain places but i dont know how you dose it and if its any better than acetate. It’s also kind of expensive and ED injections dont bug me that much.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the test/tren/dbol cycle is the be-all end-all cycle. I really don’t know why everyone wants to get so fancy with their usages. I guess it makes us feel smart to know what all the different drugs do and be able to manipulate it, but there is not a better cycle out there than that combo.

Am I crazy? Call my looney tunes.

Yo Drago-

No offense taken on your remarks. I am one of the few, the proud, and the receptor sensitive Weight Maniacs of this world. I do not need much when it comes to AAS to get airborne. I grow well with minimal AAS, recover fast after training and post cycle is a breeze for me. Let me ask you something Drago. What was the reading of your Test level via blood test during the middle of your last cycle? I can tell you that mine was 2275! during my last cycle. That is with minimal doseage. That is sky fuc*ing high according to my Urologist. The lab circled it with a red magic marker and insisted that I see a endocrinologist! Normal test levels usually hover in the area of 200. I would love to know what yours is during your cycle. Please do tell.

The Scorp


The odds of getting bloated with 750mg/wk of Sustanon are much less than that of 750/CYP or 750/Enathate. Hmmm? I wonder why? Four different types of Test maybe…dipsersing at different rates…lol…I could believe that one. However, I would always take some Nolva or Arimidex to eliminate the prospect of buying some nice lacy bras or elaborate nipple rings in the future. I would rather chance losing a few pounds of who knows what than growing some really big nips. That is a flirty cycle with gyno.

The Scorp


Get a hold of some(Aussie)Drive from down under to get your receptors thirsty for less Test. Your nuts are gonna shrink and disappear on 1 gram of Test.LOL

No one would get bloated on 750 of Sustanon if they use Arimidex…No brainer.LOL

What was your Test levels via blood test in the middle of last cycle you posted? Very curious.

Justinp, this is the cycle I just finished up:

Week 1 to 3:
Sustanon - 750mg per week (3 amps MWF)
Fina/Tren - 75mg everyday
Anadrol 50 - 50mg per day (1 tab)

Week 4 to 6:
Sustanon - 750mg per week (3 amps MWF)
Fina/Tren - 75mg everyday
Dianabol - 30mg per day (6 tabs)
Insulin - 12 UIs twice per day (12 IUs upon wakening & 12 IUs post-workout)
GH - 4 IUs per day (upon wakening with Insulin)

Week 7 to 9:
Sustanon - 750mg per week (3 amps MWF)
Fina/Tren - 75mg everyday
Dianabol - 30mg per day (6 tabs)

***Weight gain and strength gains were incredible. Clearly, this has been the best cycle of my life thus far. I don’t know if it was the homebrew Tren/Fina (this was my first batch ever) or the Anadrol (first time trying it too) or the combination of all 3 drugs (I’ve combined many drugs in the past, but not these 3 specifically).

***My weight hit an all-time peak of 272 lbs. I’m currently on my PCT with Clomid and Nolvadex and my weight has dropped slightly to 265 lbs. My bloat throughout this cycle was MINIMAL with NO Nolvadex or Arimidex. My experiences may differ from yours though. Good luck.