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Gurkhas Kick Arse!




Badass. These guys are badasses.

There was quite a lot of media attention here in england about gurkhas' right to live in britain as citizens. Some were rejected, even though they were basically british military.

^^^Pretty sure I fucked the specifics of that story up, but the takeaway lesson is, these guys are cool mofos.

EDIT: He was an indian gurkha, not a british army gurkha. ignore above.


I've read the Japanese were scared to face the Gurkhas in WWII, thats really saying something.


My father served wtih them inthe Belgian Congo when he was a UN peacekeeper. He said they were very friendly, and insane.


My Uncle was a sergeant in the Black Watch and spoke very highly of a Ghurka whom he spent some time training with back in the 80's. He was the only man I can recall my uncle ever referring to as "hard as nails and frightening".

Wish I had asked more about his time with him before he passed on, would've been nice to embellish a little here and share some of that history.


When I was in the army there were Gurkhas on the base (Wainwright) and we were told to stay away from them.

That's a compliment I'd say, not a condemnation.


They are no joke. I have had a couple of their Khukari blades for a while now. And the idea that they roll with these into battle is insane if not somewhat comical and Kick azz all in the same breath I would want something a bit lighter and easier to pack.

If anyone is into blades check out some of the blades there military and police carry, I have picked up some from there sight but it took about a month to get here and my plan was to just have it for my collection but a storm hit and I put that sucka to the test on some dead fallen tree limbs Like butta baby: