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Gunther Video


I dont know if any of you have ever heard of this guy but if you want a good laugh check him out. As far as i know he is a serious artist. Any of the links will do.

ill try to attach an image of him to spark some interest

WTF is going on here

That was the greatest AND the most troubling thing I have ever seen in my life. I want to believe it is a spoof… but deep down, in places I don’t like to talk about at parties… I fear it’s real. shudder

And is Samantha Fox so hurting for cash she had to do this? Couldn’t she have just gotten naked again for a few bucks?

Ahhh, you touch my ta la la… mmmm, my ding ding dong.

if you saw the tutti frutti summerlove video then you know im talking about, if not check it out, the best line he has in all those songs is “its a no no and i like it” i cant wait to get my t shirt




The William Hung of Sweden… except it’s scarier because this guy was never a joke (at least not on purpose).

Sweet mullet and dirty stache.

If it was not for the sugary technopop beat in the back ground I’d swear that voice sounds like Till Lindenmann from Rammstien.

Amazing! I remember the ding ding song from last year. The new videos are even funnier

Man… Samantha Fox is bomb! Too bad she got a breast reduction…

That mullet is worthy of a personal area code.

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I think he really wants boys to touch his ta…la…la

[quote]spaceking wrote:
Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I think he really wants boys to touch his ta…la…la[/quote]

My impression is that he probably doesn’t discriminate between genders.

I guess we are about due for the mullet and stache to come back into style, given that the current trends are mimicking that general period now. His would’ve been considered sleezy even during their fashion peak though.

That was just weird…

Jesus talala-fucking Christ…

That’s the kinda “alpha” you build nations with.

Yeah right.

The musical equivalent to a DW deadlift…

this is hillarious!

Is the mullet coming back?


[quote]beefcakemdphd wrote:
this is hillarious!

Is the mullet coming back?


I really don’t know about that. One thing for sure is thank god he has the money to pay all those models, because if it was only for him… man i can’t even imagine how it would be!! I hope i won’t have any nightmares tonight


Thats not good.

Damn I am going to get gymo from that.

Probably need to do some curls with my ta-la-la, does that make them bigger?

*P.S Gunther is the MAN’S MAN.