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Gunter Schlierkamp


Does anyone remember some buzz a few months ago about him coming back? I haven't heard anything more and can't seem to find anything to confirm it. I don't know if he's focused on acting or what...


You will always hear buzzing about him because the 'powers that be' in BBing seem to like him. I always thought he wasn't half the BBer people gave him credit for. Not for lack of effort or size, but his frame never really filled out the way better 'big' men like Freeman have been able to do.

He's got a good 'look', and definitely a positive poster boy to represent the sport to the general public, but it always seemed he was a little 'too' favored in general. A pretty likable guy though, one of the 1st BBers I saw on the beach when I moved to L.A. back in the 90's.



I always liked him. It's true that his frame is not as filled out but who cares. He has his own lines and aesthetics to his look. Not every muscle should look like a balloon like on so many today.

One big claim to his fame are his good looks.


LOL. I am glad to hear that from you because he is no different than the several blond bodybuilders who came before him who were always hyped as being much better than many of them actually were.

In the 50's to early 60's, being blond basically meant you owned the fucking stage in bodybuilding mags. They seemed to be Weider's poster boys even though guys like Reeves were in movies making women throw panties at the screen.

For some strange reason, in a country this mixed, the "American image" seemed to be based off of blond hair and blue eyes. Even Arnold was a fluke given the period he was coming out of.

Some of these guys have been looking for the next "Blond Bomber" ever since. Unfortunately, the mass monsters like Lee Haney, Dorian and Ronnie just couldn't be overlooked.

Gunter has a great look for modeling which he has done quite a bit of. He's been in movies (Beerfest I think), tons of ads for big and tall men's clothing and he's tall as hell. If it weren't for that mega-accent, we would probably be seeing him in film much more.

I just don't think he is one of the better bodybuilders out there currently...especially with the new guys hitting the scene now.


Does he even still compete?
I thought he basically retired with his wife? (gotta admit that the two make a great pair)

I agree that he just wasn't filled out enough.
And like almost all German (and possibly also austrian) pro's he has good bis but no triceps and many other weak areas...

His comp weight sounds impressive until you realize how tall he is. (ok, so it's still impressive, of course, but yeah...)

Oh, and draper's definitely the better writer :wink:


I don't think he's competed since 03ish.


I saw him last weekend and he's looking good but not like he is going to compete anytime soon.


I really like Gunter, he is just massive hah.

His calves have always seemed extremely weird to me though, they go all the way to like his ankle, almost makes them look like "cankles" must just be a strange insertion point.