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Gunter Schlierkamp - The German Giant


So I've been hearing a bit about Gunter for the first time. Sounds like a popular guy with top 5 finishes in the 2002/03 Olympias, has since done some acting\mma and now planning a come-back at the 2011 Arnold.

This pic caught my attention... who is the small chap next to Gunter? Wow. Of the 100s of Ronnie pics I've seen, I've never seen him next to Gunter and you can see why:


And here he is discussing traps with Vic


The ONLY guy to ever beat Ronnie in his prime, gotta love Gunter.


Bit of perspective going on but the german freak ain't so freaky next to the giant



Yeah I like Gunter, good personality on the guy. Funny how some of the biggest personalities in bodybuilding all are from Germany/Austria. Arnold, Ruhle and Gunter, hilarious fucking guys.


Bit more Ron and Gunter


Another German (I think?) Nasser




Who is dude all the way on the left?


Are you serious?

I hope you are joking.

I would hope most people in this forum know who Cormier is.


jeezus, i didnt know Gunter was that big. Not too many people can stand next to mass monsters like Ruhl and Nasser


He's over 6'2", so yeah, if Toney Freeman could fill out like that, they would dominate...assuming the judges that gave Rockel a top six spot over Vic aren't the judges.


LOL, as I started googling the names in the quoted part of teh OP, I found out pretty quickly.

Nah, I haven't really looked in to the past guys much at this point.

Dude is fucking huge.


Chris Cormier is the only one who constantly stood next to or beat Flex Wheeler. He had a major back infection/injury that nearly took him out. He was planning a come back but he fell ill again and was at risk of never walking again.


Jesus... That is awful, poor bastard


Gunter was the first pro bodybuilder I ever met, back at the Arnold in 01 (Back when you could actually walk around). I'm 5'9" and was a whopping 175 lbs at the time, and I swear his bicep was the size of my head. You couldn't meet a nicer guy though.


Man, now I wanna hear about Cormier -lol. I honestly thought there were a few years when he could have stepped it up and moved from a 3-5 place guy to a 1-2, but he always seemed to be up and down. Didn't he have a record for taking 2nd at like 4 Arnold Classics in a row?



6 times lol