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Blunt’s GUNtanamo log!

Stats Update___

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 94 Kg

1 RM // PR’s:
Bench: 125
Squat: 160
Deadlift: 145 x 4 <-- +15 kg // +1 reps since starting the log

I don’t have specific training goals because im nearly always in season. In the Winter I play Olympic Handball and in the summer I play soccer but I try to make sure I develop some strength all the time !
Ive gone back to training WS4SB it’s the only training program that really fits my needs atm and I always liked doing it so it’s perfect. I do however some weeks have 2-3 so in those weekend I will do some full body training instead of following the regular template

Goals are for 2010 that before the year has passed I would like to:
Bench 1.5 X BW = 150 Kg when writing
Squat 2 x BW = 200 Kg when writing
Complete Valerie with Elite weights in under 20 min.

31/5 - Deadlift PR +10 kg +2 reps
9/6 - Deadlift PR +5 Kg +1 rep

______First Training:

Date: 28/5 - 2010
Did Valeria for the first time today you can find information about it here: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/test_your_metal_introducing_valeria
Considered doing “good” level to test it but i decided to go for “Very good” instead so my workout ended up looking like this

A. Bench Press…: 92Ã???Ã??Ã?½ Kg x 21 reps… time: 4 min.
B. Squat…: 135 Kg x 21 rep… time: 6 min.
C. Pullups…: 10 Kg x 21 reps… time: 7 min.
D. Biceps Curls…: 45 Kg x 21 reps… time: 4 min 8 sec.

Time total: 21 min 8 sec.

Next training is soccer practice Saturday and Weight training Sunday

First i would also like to upload a video of me squatting

im squatting 100 Kg (225) in the video and the video is 5-6 months old so i have properly improve since that

the video is 5 months old when i first started squatting since then i have decended slower and deeper and been keeping my back higher/straigther

___Update: #3 Date: 31/5

Hey all

so i found out i got the valeria thing wrong. it was deadlifts instead and i understand why because its so much easier to squat so i decided to start throwing Deadlifts into my program too…


Warm up:

A1. 3 minutes C2 Rower // Distance: 943 Metres
A2. Max Pushups // 45


B1. ME deadlifts - actually hit 3 plates on my first try :slight_smile: liking were this is going !
60 x 5, 80 x 5, 100 x 5, 120 x 5, 140 x 3 - PR +10 kg / +2 reps

C1. 1-leg press - 160x10, 170x10, 180x10
C2. Uneven weight reverse lounges - 5kg X 12 EL for 3 sets

D1. Leg Curls - 85 x 12, 90 x 12, 95 x 12

E1. Abs 4 exercises done with no pause

  1. Megaset 100+ reps
  2. front bridge 1+ min.
  3. side bridge 1+ min.
  4. other side bridge 1+ min.

_____Workout thoughts

Felt light headed after the deadlifts. dont know why. but i also felt that way when i startet squatting. so i chose the machines today and to combine the 1 leg press with the uneven weight so i still got that ballance experience from the unilateral exercises.

___Update: #4 Date: 2/6

-Soccer practice yesterday in the rain for 2 hours.
-weight back down under 95
-soccer match tomorow

  • but that wasnt going to stop me training


Warm up:

A1. 3 minutes C2 Rower // Distance: 922 Metres


B1. ME Close grib Benchpress - second week with this exercise
20 Kg x 20, 60 x 8, 80 x 5, 100 x 5, 110 x 2, 105 x 2 - PR +2,5 kg / +1 reps

C1. Incline Db Benchpress
24 Kg x 23, 28 x 10, 26 x 12, 30 x 8, 24 x 12

D1. Low row - 90kg X 15, 100 x 12, 95 x 10, 105 x 7, 95 x 12
D2. Seated power cleans - 10kg x 12, 10 x 12, 12 x 9, 10 x 12

E1. Shrugs
100kg x 20, 110 x 15, 110 x 15, 100 x 15

F1. Bicep Curls
20kg x 8+8, 16 x 12+12, 22 x 4+4, 18 x 5+5

_____Workout thoughts

Nice to hit a PR in the Benchpress today have not been making progress in the flat bench last 2 times i tried.

also i have begun ramping my sets a lot so i dont just lift the same weight for 3-4 the same ammount of reps… looking forward to seeing how that effects the progress.

Btw i dont know if i have done a better lift back when i wasnt keeping a log(been keeping one for myself for couple of months now) so all lifts in this log will be consideres a PR if they are the highest in the log

Soccer match yesterday

we won 3-1 played 45 min. pretty good even though the pitch was shit

we are now second in the row and crusing against silver and advancement !

have a company party tonight so i am going to take a run today instead of training and push my weight training till tomorrow… run update coming.

___Update: #5 Date: 7/6


Energy system works:

A1. Crunces x 10
A2. Pike pushups x 10
A3. Squat BW x 10
A4. Regular Pushups x 10
A5. Hyperextensions x 10

Did 10 sets with minimal to no rest in beetween exercises or sets

_____Workout thoughts

Time run from me before i got to take a run and it was dark and late so i made this circuit and did 500 reps of calistentics in less than 20 minuttes… that was pretty nice :stuck_out_tongue:

___Update: #6 Date: 7/6

" What doesnt kill you make you stronger "


RE Bench press workout:

Concept C2 rowing 3 min - Distance: 953 M <-- thats actually a PR so im moving forward !
Max pushups: 50 x Bw
Db Clean & Jerk: 12+12kg x 10


A1.Flat Benchpress - Warmup sets, 80 x 14, 65 x 14, 65 x 13, 65 x 12 <-- SO WEAK !!

B1.Pulldowns - 45 Kg x 25, 45 Kg x 22, 45 Kg x 21
B2. Rev. Flyers - 10 Kg x 15, 9 Kg x 16, 9 Kg x 16

C1. DB shoulder Press - 24+24 x 12, 26+26 x 4, 22+22 x 10

D1. Tricep pushdown - 27½ x 20, 30 x 16, 30 x 15
D2. Bicep EZ curls - 38 x 10, 38 x 10, 38 x 8

E1. Abs and back

  • max crunches
  • Max hyperextensions
  • max side crunches right
  • max side crunches left

_____Workout thoughts

I was tired today … really really tired… had no energy and no strenght… i dont understand it i useally would kill to kick ass in the gym after 4 day break… but not today… maybe it was because it was late or maybe it was cause i did ekstra warmup.

But i had no strenght at all. i have also begun to cut my rest periods so they are down to 40 sec. for assistance exercises. but im waiting for ME Legs wednesday to see if its really that bad…

hope my strenght comes back !

___Update: #7 Date: 9/6

‘Revenge is a confession of pain’


ME Deadlift workout:
Last week: 140 x 3

Concept C2 rowing 3 min - Distance: 952 M
Max pushups: 55 x Bw


A1. Deadlift - Warmup sets, 80 x 5, 100 x 5, 120 x 5, 145 x 4 <-- PR !! +5 Kg // +1 rep

B1. Lounges - 60 x 10+10, 64 x 7+7, 60 x 8+8

C1. 45-Degree Hyper ext. - 20 x 15, 20 x 13, 20 x 14

D1. Abs and back Megaset all exercises done with no rest

  • max crunches
  • max side crunches right
  • max side crunches left
  • max reverse crunches
  • Max hyperextensions
  • 1 min. plank
  • 45 sec. plank left
  • 1 min. plank right

E1. Conditioning finisher - Farmerwalks
Workout #1 from this articles

First set done with 24 Kg <-- failed on shoulder presses
Second set done with 20 Kg <-- failed on shoulder presses

_____Workout thoughts

YAY !!! i killed the Deadlift PR today !! dominated that shit ! it fucking killed to hit a PR after my miserable bench day monday witch really had me worried…

Awesome !! hadnt seen it coming after soccer practice yesterday too !! its impressive how the body can adapt to these different loads in such a short period of time. this has been my first couple of months training seriously but ive developed more in the last month than in the 9 before when i was training 2 weeks on 2 weeks off !! it all started when i began keeping a log for myself and i can only encourage people to do it. mine have these small pieces of papers i have to tear off so i can see how many days its been since ive trained so its always a let down if theres more than 7 then you know youve been lazy !

The Farmer walks were nice even though i failed on the shoulder press. more about these in a later post

The pic: i build myself a little deadlift platform from 2 mats so i didnt have to hold the bar all the way down !

So i joined an extra soccer training today so training have been moved until tomorow !

Ahhh soccer practice 5 days in a row and i go on holidays for 2 weeks now …

will update when i come back !

___Update: #8 Date: 31/5

So a lot of shit is going down here the next few weeks. i am moving away from my parents house to the other end of the country. and i am starting a new handball team and my education changes period from internship to school again for the last time. so the next few weeks are going to be Crazy for me ! working the last 2 weeks of internship while moving and traveling back and forth !

I am thinking of using this enormous change of pace to shed some pounds before the season starts. and i got 5 weeks Alwins cosgroves Warp speed fat loss(4 week program) and i have a kitchen without anything in it ! and a whole new world to explore.

well ill tell you more about all that later as it progresses… but heres the vaction trainings the gym was sucky and the opening hours were worse. so i tried as much as possible but only got 3 workouts in 8 days.

Training # 1________

Curcuit #1 - each exercise dont for 1 min. with the heaviest dumbbell availible

Upright Row
Front squat
Bicep + should press

x 3

Curciut #2 - each exercise done for 30 sec. heavyiest DB availible

Shoulder Series(lower DB)
Bent over rows


Training # 2________

Benchpress 3 x 1 min Heavyiest DB availible
51 times
27 times
26 times

1-Leg leg Ext.
75 x 15+15
90 x 15+15
100 x 12+12

Lat pulldown
75x10, 75x10, 85x6

Training # 3________

This was awesome. a LSD run down the beach 8 in the morning 30 degress C and music blasting in my ears. ! everyday should start this way…

ran for 30 min.

_____Workout thoughts

i am really feeling the idea of starting WSFL because i can for 4 weeks cook and do everything myself and i think it will help me immensly to get onto the new team if i was really good shape and a good weight.

but i am a litte reluctant cause i dont make my own breakfast or dinner at work.

and i have a garmin watch to make all the intervals a breeze !!!


So im starting WSFL today

i have done all the shopping

the date is the 4th of july and im ending the 3 of august

my weight is today 98,7 Kg in 4 weeks i will weigh 90 kg !

hopefully less … i will follow the eating plan… i will follow the training plan… and i will do the addon abdominal training

here is other daily/weekly addons that i use to help me:

  • i use a weekly sheet that needs to be crossed out so i dont miss anything…
  • i take weekly pics so i can see if anything happends…
  • i make an excel graph which i post here so i can track my weight loss easy
  • daily updates in here…

WARP SPEED FAT LOSS - DAY #1 Date: 4/7___

Starting weight: 98,7

Todays weight: 95,5

Difference: 3,2 Kg <-- nice for a first day if i keep this up i will completely stop to exist by the end of this diet !

So today went well. the 30/90 intervals really kicks year ass ! starting out thinking its going to be too much rest and ending up puking lungs up !


3 sets x 120 kilo x 6-8 reps

Circuit 1 x 10

Circuit 2 x 5

intervals 30s work // 90 sec recover

_____Workout thoughts

nice workouts the curcuit seemed easy but after a couple of sets you begin wishing the clock will ring to end it !

WARP SPEED FAT LOSS - DAY #2 Date: 4/7____

Starting weight: 98,7

Todays weight: 94,4

Difference: 4,3 Kg <- another 1,1 kilo is off. havent had this weight in i dont know how long.

BEING ON A DIET FUCKING SUCKS ! all i am thinking about is burger fries and all the shit that i useally eat ! how do you guys cope with this !! im fucking starving and it has become clear how much crap i used to eat !

This is going to be some loooong days !


Cardio #1 - Running

Warmup: 10 min 40 sec - 2 kilometres

Interval: 1 min sprint // 2 min joggin x3

Steady state cardio: 24 min 22 sex - 4,3 kilometres

_____Workout thoughts

Christ i am so fucking done ! depleted for energy and everything. luckily i only have to carry big boxes around because i am moving :frowning:

Fat Caliper meassurement:

14,3 percent bodyfat

WARP SPEED FAT LOSS - DAY #3 Date: 6/7____

Starting weight: 98,7

Todays weight: 94,1

Difference: 4,4 Kg <- Okay im still moving down

Okay dieting has become a little better since yesterday. i am no longer depleted for energy. at least not today ! hope this goes on…

but i have noticed i get tires earlier in the evening now. and yesterday i slept like a baby.


A1. Warmup - 3 minutes rowing 898 m

B1. Inc Db. Press 3 sets x 6-8 reps x 34 Kilo dbs
B2. 3 point Db row 3 sets x 6-8 x 34 kilo dbs

Curcuit 1: 5 rounds x 34 kilo dbs

Curcuit 2: 6 Rounds
D1: 20 kilo DB
D2: 14 Kilo KB

120s work
120s Rest

_____Workout thoughts

kind of had to push through the workout today. was in time need but did it all even though i was sore as hell

WARP SPEED FAT LOSS - DAY #4 Date: 7/7____

Starting weight: 98,7

Todays weight: 94,0

Difference: 4,7 Kg <- 94 yeah !

__General thoughts for the day

So i made today my rest day even though i might try to catch up because i dont think i will get time to exercise the day i am moving.

The decision was based on that i had to work 10 hours today carrying furniture shit up and down stairs. that was definnently hard!

Diet wise today was actually a little sloppy as normally we get to have a buffet(and i can always make my diet from this) but today we could choose beetween brown bread sandwiches or junk… so i took the sandwitches witch was the healthiest choice of the two… allthough i should have taken a protein bar with me.

I am still confident that the diet is working fully these minor changse will just be made up for the 45 g carbs i can have tomorow - that i now will drop.

uploading weight curve tomorow !

Heres the weight curve ! looking good !
WARP SPEED FAT LOSS - DAY #5 Date: 8/7____

Starting weight: 98,7

Todays weight: 93,4

Difference: 5,3 Kg <- Yea ! under 94 havent been there in years !

went a little off course again today. no cheating but i changed some of the meals arround so no biggie.

Warmup - min
1 min Work
2 min res

Steady state cardio - 20 min

Took the exercise bike at home because it was raining played playstation during the last 20 minutes was awesome !

The calorie expendure was about the same as the run 2 days ago !
_____Workout thoughts

Playstation while working out is the wildest combo !

Moving was a little bit hectic. so the food definantly wasnt what the diet had prescriped !

so i guees we are calling this a cheat weekend… but i choose the healthies posibilities and i did follow it for all the meals possible.

Monday morning weight: 93.6

this is a minor set back and i expect to be back under 93 very soon !

Back on the horse again !

The diet is in check again

went for a run today

10 min steady warmup

interval: 1 min work 2 min slow jogging X 4 !

25 min steady state after.

Didnt carry the GPS today.