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Gunstar_hero's Training Log


I've been lurking on this site for a few years now, but due to a hectic work schedule and being away from home so much it made no sense for me to try and keep an online training log.
So it looks like I will be able to update this for at least a few months, so I will try my best to keep this up to date.

Dec 01: Squat day
5X 135
5X 225
5X 315
5X 425
5 X 475
4 X 505
3 x 545
2 X 565
2 X 590

Good mornings
5 X 225
5 X 315
5 X 345
5 X 365

Zercher squats
4 X 225
4 X 315
4 X 365

Cool down

Dec 02: Bench day


Ring dips
X 12
X 12

Bench press
5 X 135
5X 225
5 X 315
5 X 375
5 X 405
4 X 430
3 X 455
2 X 465

40 X 225

Ring dips
6 X with a 45 lb plate
6 X with 90 lbs
12 bodyweight

Iron cross practice



Big numbers. Vids?


Thanks, I have been meaning to get videos done for quite some time but I have been away from home so much the past few (more than a few, come to think of it) years that I have not had a long strectch of time at my home gym to get some vids done. I'm actually leaving for a non work related trip ( thank god) for a week down to Florida so I'll just do some accessory work and weighted pullups or something down there. I've tried actually keeping a log online several times but being a sailor is not condusive to any sort of online trendcharting. Right now Im just hoping I can keep this updated.


Dec 03: Deadlift/weighted pullups
I do not ordinarily train the 3 movements in a row, however, I am going on vacation for a week and am not sure how much training I will get in while I am away. I am heading to Palm Beach for some time off and hopefully I can train twice during the week, but we'll see how busy the days get.

Warm up
Pullups X 10

I had a staph infection earlier in the year which resulted in me laying on the couch for about 3 weeks. That put me off doing deads for about 6 months until I was absolutely sure that the infection was done, I still have some dead tissue on my shin but it's not a huge deal. As a result I made weighted chins/pullups my main exercise. I'm slowly reintroducing deads back into my workout, but only as a warmup to the chins/pullups.

5 X 225
5 X 315
5 X 405
5 X 475
4 X 505
3 X 530

Weighted chins

6 X 45 lb plate
6 X 80 lbs
5 X 90 lbs
5 X 100

Dumbell cleans
Didnt go too heavy here, just more of a technique thing.
90 X 4
100 X 3
Explosive, more of a technical tuneup to get the movement smooth.

I will try and get some vids up ASAP, but Im on vacation this week and go on leave from work 2 weeks from now so my training is going to be in different places again.