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Gunshot vs Blunt Object


I read that 80% of people survive handgun wounds. Does that mean that hitting with lets say a baseball bat can potetntially be more deadly than getting shot with say a lower caliber handgun like a .32?


How many are being shot by FMJ ammo of the .25 ACP, .380, or 9mm persuasion?

I'd say shot placement matters with a bat just like it matters with a handgun. But maybe placing a good bat hit is easier. So IMO, the response to your question is yes.


too many variables.


Have you found yourself unemployed recently, HH?


Thimost people who get rocked with bats take head shots.

People who get shot are more likely wounded in less vital areas like an arm or leg. And who knows if the bullet will even hit anything important it it were to hit the abdomen?


If you swing a baseball bat as hard as you can toward someone, no matter where you make contact you're likely going to incapacitate that person. Unless you're a fucking soccer player who's never held a real wooden baseball bat in their hands before. I would think that in Europe the gunshot fatality rate is much higher.

But here in America where we know how to kill people with bats, I can see why the bat would have a higher fatality rate. If you swing a bat really, really hard at someone, with the type of fury and prejudice that can only come from having your life threatened or from the sort of raging mindset that drives someone to kill someone else with a bat, then any direct blow will pretty much incapacitate the other person long enough for you to kill him at your leisure.

Not so with a gun shot. They're loud and draw too much attention when fired multiple times. They also go off on accident during fights, which lessens the chance of a gunshot wound being fatal. Bats don't go off on accident; they go off with one explicit intent behind them: physical mayhem.


Very true.

Also, guns can be used judiciously, with the intention of hurting someone and not killing, like a shot to the ass cheek or leg.

On the other hand, one well placed shot directly to the heart or certain parts of the brain will drop someone dead where they stand. I'm also pretty sure that from a medical standpoint, any penetration of the chest cavity is considered potentially fatal due to blood collecting and compressing the lungs and heart.


people survive gunshot wounds because most inner city shooters hold the gun sideways(because it looks so cool) thus interfering with their aim.


All depends on the mechanism of injury. A well placed bat strike can be more deadly than a poorly aimed gunshot and vice versa. Both are able to kill. The effectiveness of any weapon is in the hands of the person using it, not the weapon itself.


Just don't give a gun to a COD/any first person shooter gamer. They may shoot themselves and not survive. They won't have any idea what a baseball bat is. A lot of them don't get outside.


Really hope I never have the first hand knowledge to answer such a question. I would however venture to say that most poeple using a gun for violence don't practise shooting at all. Haven't heard of any innercity shooting ranges. Could be a good investment, just don't run it yourself.


It's a dark day in Hell when Americans can't kill people with baseball bats anymore.


There's nothing like being up close and personal when you have to fuck someone up though... once they're down you can go to work on their hands/collarbone/knees/teeth - I vote bat (however, I would not want to bring a bat to a gunfight!).


This is such a weird thread... Everyone already knows the answer to it. Common sense


I vote bat with rust nails sticking out of it


Machine gun!!!!!!!!


I'd have to go with a bat is potentially more deadly since the target (head) & the proximity bat = close range weapon)

As another poster stated, it's also all about the intention; bat wins since as far as I know, no one goes in with a bat to give a little "love tap" but yeah, goofing off a gun can go off "accidentally"

Most people are not trained in firearms handling nor time spent on the range so I can see how you could survive an errant shot.

In both cases you end up in the hospital so no one really wins - unless you were the bat handler or shooter. In that case lawyer up or run & hide

OP: Worried about an impending zombie apocalypse?


sharks with laser beaams attached to their heads?


I have a telescoping baton that shoots needles. I win.


What is this, the Detroit version of "Rock, Paper, scissors"?

Except it's "Gun, Baseball Bat, Bodybag"?