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Guns N' Roses

Just bought the greatest hits cd. They were so badass! QUESTION?! When Axl Rose started up that band a few yrs. back, REMEMBER? Who was the KFC bucket head guy??!! And where he today? I always thought it was Jimmy Page, had that real skinny looking frame like Page.

KFC bucket head? Tell me you’re not talking about Slash’s top hat…

[quote]vermilion wrote:
KFC bucket head? Tell me you’re not talking about Slash’s top hat…[/quote]

naw man…he means Buckethead. I forget who/what he is…but when Axl destroyed the band and then recreated it with totally different peeps one of them was Buckethead.

Slash is busy with the Snake Pit and VR.

edited to add:

Ahh… I had to look this up, never heard of the guy before. And he does indeed have a KFC bucket on his head. Wikipedia entry for him says he left the GnR last year due to ‘personal difference’, which I assume he got tired of dealing with Axl’s shit just like everyone else does.

At a concert a long time back, I saw Les Claypool from Primus wear a KFC bucket on his head. I’m pretty sure Les is the only guy that pulled that off. Who else would do that?

Buckethead has been recording since 1992.

I was standing in line out in the cold for the first concert of the last G’n’R tour with the lineupe that included Buckethead, and the promoters cancelled it at the last minute because Axl was behind schedule. There was a riot and the stadium got damaged. This is what the promoters were trying to avoid by cancelling the show. Irony.

Here’s a bio on buckethead:

Buckethead is one of the most bizarre and enigmatic figures in American underground and experimental music since Parliament-Funkadelic birthed their bevy of cosmic characters in the mid-‘70s. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist best known for his virtuosic command of the electric guitar, Buckethead is one of the instrument’s most recognizable contemporary innovators, his rapid-fire riffing, near-robotic fretwork, and idiosyncratic lead lines combining elements of Yngwie Malmsteen, Adrian Belew, Slayer’s Kerry King, P-Funk’s Eddie Hazel, and avant-improv artist John Zorn’s Scud-attack sax abuse. His first group, the San Francisco-based metal-funk combine the Deli Creeps, were a regional success, but disbanded before they could release anything. Buckethead’s solo career has been more productive, thanks mostly to the motivation of Zorn and Bill Laswell, the latter of whom Buckethead has also recorded and toured with in Praxis. Laswell has also produced a number of Buckethead’s solo albums (including Dreamatorium and Day of the Robot) and included him on more than a dozen one-off recordings with the likes of Hakim Bey, Bootsy Collins, Anton Fier, Jonas Hellborg, and Bernie Worrell. In addition to releases including 1998’s Colma, Buckethead has also contributed soundtrack material to such films as Last Action Hero and Street Fighter. Buckethead returned in 1999 with Monsters and Robots, after which he joined the short-lived reformation of Guns N’ Roses. A steady stream of releases followed into the 21st century ranging from the contemplative Electric Tears to more electronica/rock hybrid, and collaborations with San Francisco’s underground hip-hop scene.

I’ve seen video of him playing & the dude was amazing to say the least! Thanks for the feedback, very interesting!

Yeah Buckethead is doing his solo albums again I beleive.

Les Claypool and Buckethead have played in a band together. Brian “the brain” (who is the current drummer for GNR, used to the the drummer for primus) Also was in that band. Think they were called “less’s big bucket of brains” or something odd like that. Yeah he is a great guitar player… but he is a weeeirrd son of a bitch to say the least.

I have been waiting for the Chinese Democracy cd to come out for years now… damn axl.

[quote]Shaved wrote:
I have been waiting for the Chinese Democracy cd to come out for years now… damn axl. [/quote]

not that I really liked the direction he was taking the music, but no shit huh?
Axl’s an insane talent. Emphasis on the insane part.

Remember how Tony Mandarich used to idolize him?
Look where it got both of them.

Oh… they’re two different people? Damn… I was at a concert after all. How embarrassing. teehee… maybe it was Les’s homage to the enigmatic Buckethead.

Paul Gilbert = Buckethead

[quote]xomegaxprimex wrote:
Paul Gilbert = Buckethead[/quote]


I didn’t know that, but was wondering where the guy waas now…

[quote]xomegaxprimex wrote:
Paul Gilbert = Buckethead[/quote]

His real name is actually Brian Carroll.

He is quite a strange fellow. For example, Axl had to take Buckethead to Disneyland before he was convinced he should join the band. And, “only his mother” is supposed to call him by his real name, Brian.

ohhh yeah, and he will only give interviews while talking through a puppet. (saw one of those interviews… creepy) He is also such a large guy, he had a guitar made larger so he did not look like a giant on stage.

Damn that is one weird ass website…

There must be a lot of nose candy in buckethead land.


Ok, ok… I don’t know why, but I’ve been digging around trying to find more stuff on the buckethead fellow. Slow teaching day and all.

Les Claypool said “that guy is weird…”

If Les Claypool of all people calls you weird, then buddy you are fucking WEIRD!!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Currently trying to find more audio clips of his solo stuff, anyone have some stashed away?