Guns and TC snobbishness article

Fine, be against stupidity. I am right there with him. Fine be down on stupid crap in society. But damnit let them own guns. Ever heard of thinning the herd. The major problem is: those idiot-warning stickers. Get rid of those stickers not gun ownership. Like the warning sticker on my new riffle do not look into the muzzle of the fully assembled riffle. Why the hell not; if you are that damn dumb look way. Hell, have your friends do it too while testing the safety by pulling the trigger. It thins the herd. There is nothing wrong with morons owning guns that way they are more likely to kill/shoot them selves or others in the trailer park than you. I own many guns and if I am stupid enough to shoot myself then hell I deserved it. Do not blame gun ownership for stupid people. That article should have been titled I hate stupid shit and stupid people. I know what TC meant to get across, however it came out anti-gun ownership instead of anti-stupid people. Anyone who respects freedom should be for all forms of freedom no matter what stupid people do with those freedoms.

If only we could count on stupid people ONLY killing themselves I would agree with you. But its not the case.

I agree! Another great way to thin the herd would be to legalize drugs. All of them. Sell them in gov’t stores for next to nothing, and make sure to put something in coke, smack, and acid that prevents procreation. That way, whether they have a chance to breed, or kill themselves first, mission accomplished. All kidding aside, this is a problem. Birth rates have been inversely proportional to I.Q. since the 1970’s at least. You can actually track high birth rates, poverty, drug use, crime together with low I.Q… And it holds true regardless of race or ethnicity. Essentially, the dummies are outbreeding us.

Stupid people don’t limit their idiocy to guns. We have cars, quads atvs, power tools etc. I’m a long time gun owner and one of the few you’ll meet who have been trained in combat shooting laws, etc. Why? Because I belive in personal responsibility and accountability. It took many hours and a lot of dedication, but was well worth it. For those who don’t know, your average cop, state police officer, or armed security guard is often not as well trained as many private citizens. It’s all about budget. It’s quite expensive to shoot 500-1000 rounds a week when you factor in all the costs. Your average cop isn’t what I call a “gun guy”. These are men or women who are into guns and have the willingness to learn, just as many Tmag readers are into training knowledge more than the rest of the herd.
I love TC’s articles, but I would much prefer a gun in my hands than his. However we have to trust the other guy with freedoms if we want ours.

I am assuming from your post you are smart enough to save money by reloading. What reloader do you use/suggest? I have been looking at the dillin 550b your thoughts?

Considering how many guns are in the US, its astonishing how many accidents DON’T happen

I feel it is every competent adults responsibility to learn to protect and defend oneself and ones family by the most effective and efficient means available, I would go so far to say that if someone does not take this responsibility to task it is reckless and weak.

Life isn’t safe, fair or guaranteed, get over it.

Ihave two dillon progressives. They’re about 8-10 years old. It was the intermediate model. I think it was the 550 or back then was the 450. It’s been awhile. I have nothing but good to say about it.
Almost all of my compadres use the dillon here in Pa. They always were great to deal with and quick to handle a problem.
I was a slow reloader, but still could get a few hundred out an hour.

Even if gun control was effective I would still strongly oppose it. I could be mistaken but I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said “Those who would trade freedom for safety deserve neither”. As a patriotic American it disgusts me to see the direction in which our great country is going. With each passing year the number of laws on the books multiply exponentially. I don’t need the government protecting me from all of life’s evils from the cradle to the grave. If our founding fathers could see America now they would roll over in their graves.

Last I checked all the guns in american homes didnt do shit again protecting us against the september 11th attacks. People claiming the right to defend themselves have lost touch with modern times and modern warfare.

Good logic there. If it can’t protect you from a very unlikely event it must be useless. How many WTC-like attacks have there been in last century? Not many. How many home invasion robberies, murders, and rapes have there been in the same time? More than a couple. Figuring your odds of being involved in the former or the latter I would roughly guess you’d be about 22 gazillion times more likely to be in a situation like the latter, in which having a firearm, being willing, and able to use it would actually prevent the intended crime from occuring, thus protecting you. In every city area that has enacted concealed carry laws violent crime has dropped. Areas with the most severe gun laws have the highest crime. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the statistics and see the correlation.

Your right Sewerhooker

Please… don’t defend yourself


My point was to foreign invasions. And how about this… Do yourself a favor and read things other then muscle mags. Every country in the world with gun laws prohibiting firearms have much less deaths due to things like hold ups and home robberies. So regardless of foreign invasion or local. Guns dont seem to produce the gains they appear to give in theory. PS Read a book

If one person had a gun on those planes alot less people would be dead and going to work at the twin towers.

Careful, someone is trolling here, this may be a setup

I’d just like to point out that Israel and Switzerland are two countries where the entire populace is heavily armed and street crime is virtually non-existent. Mexico and South America have very strict gun control and their rates of violent crime are extremely high. Japan and certain European countries have low crime rates due to a variety of factors, mainly a homogeneous population lacking a disenfranchised underclass. I would recommend that you do some reading other then HCI propoganda.

Actually, I understand that in England they have gone back to having some law enforecment types carry guns, because the bobbies were getting eaten alive by gangs with guns.
Also, one has to remember that the police are reactionary, that is, they don’t show up at your house before the rapist tries to break in. They show up after the damage is done. We live in the country and the wife has a concealed weapon permit, and we keep a waepon ready. Anyone trying shit on our property will get an assful of wadcutter. And let’s not lose sight of the real reason for the second amendment – to protect us from our own government. I completely agree with the previous poster “Those that would trade freedom for safety deserve neither”. Whatever happened to being a man and protecting your family? Those that depend on the gov’t for protection get waht they deserve – too little, too late. BTW – Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they don’t read books.

No… If someone had the BALLS to take away a paper cutting knife from a terrorist… it might have been different. Actually someone did have the BALLS… it was the passengers from that plane that crashed in the middle of nowhere.

You might be right about Switzerland, I really dont know. But come on… leave Israel out of it. You cant compare our culture to one like there’s there value system is completely different. And religion is a much bigger factor there. All these things do come into play. Just like how in this country we wouldnt dare tell women they had to wear veils (yes i know its not israel). Culture does play a huge part.

Actually, here in Israel, there are virtually no citizens who own firearms (actually I think it’s illegal). You must be mistaking them for the soldiers who carry their guns home, but you should also realize that not all soldiers are given guns.

Gun control doesn’t work at all. In fact when you remove all guns from the citizens (the most extreme form of gun control). The ones you want to get them from still have them =the criminals. How stupid is that? Thenk you have removed the guns from law abiding citizes that they could have used to defend themselves if they needed too. Sewerhooker you are very short sighted if you have not considered this point. Also do you think the planes would have been hijacked if the pilots packed heat? Granted they would run the risk of decompressing the plane but it is better to kill hundreds as opposed to thousands. Do you seriously believe that the passengers on the PA flight took over the terrorists??? Did you see the film of the wreckage? There was nothing left of the plane. Don’t give me that it hit the ground at a certain speed crap either. Read between the lines our Gov’t just like any other that wants to control its people will never give you the whole story. That plane was shot down by a fighter jet… Just look at the film of the incident then try thinking for yourself. Of course they are not going to come out and say we shot a bunch of our own civilians… jesus how naive can you bee? Also have you noticed how the estimated totals killed at WTC have been reducing exponentially since the incident…? DO you believe that too? Do you believe that two buildings with the capacity to hold 250 people per floor per building with 125 floors per building only had 5000 people in it at start of office hours in the us 9am? Damn some people do not think… Think for yourself… You run the risk of being wrong but not of being a leming… Peace.