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Gunning for Mormons


I came across this on that liberal forum I mentioned http://www.mormonsstoleourrights.com/


Anyone else notice the irony in Mormons supporting marriage = 1 man + one woman?


Kinda, BUT the mainstream ones don't do that anymore. Its the radicals that I think you're thinking about.


Polygamy what outlawed in the Mormon church decades ago.


Kicking and screaming the church abandoned the practice.


Did you check the date? 1878?


I know, makes me laugh when Mormons lead the charge on protecting "traditional marriage" despite having a history of believing in and practicing polygamy. The only reason they abandoned polygamy was to avoid war with the United States, and even now they continue to believe in polygamy after a person dies.


When it comes to religious practices, 130 years is not that long. The point was that the church didn't give it up on its own accord. It was forced. Still there are adherents:



Polygamy is not equivalent to gay marriage. Polygamy is still totally normal. It's a biological intinct to fuck as many women as one can. However the validity of homosexuality is questionable.

These situations are not comparable IMO.


Polygamy and fucking many woman is not comparable either.


Do you have a point at all, or did you just want to start an Anti-Mormon Thread and see where it goes?

I guess if your point was to point out that the two groups one practicing polygamy, which is not legal or an accepted practice in western culture, and the other practicing gay marriage, which at this point is not legal, and accepted practice in western culture were both practicing something that is not legal and is not accepted in western culture, than I guess your point was made.

Other than that I fail to see the correlation between the two groups.

Ask yourself this, if Mormons are the evil group that they are being portrayed as, than why when Gay Marriage was instituted against the will of 61 percent of the vote in California, why did you not see the Mormons out burning police cars and rioting in the streets?

Why if Mormons are so evil, did you not hear about the Mormons running around beating up the No on 8 Groups? Because it did not happen.

Of course now it is ok for the No on 8 Group to single out and attack those who voted yes on 8. Why single out the Mormons? Did not 70 percent of African Americans vote yes on 8? Ok, lets attack them. Probably because there is no way to attack the African American population who know what it is like to be hated because of the color of your skin.

Maybe because they REALLY had their civil rights denied to them. Maybe because a Minority group can't wake up in the morning and decide they don't want to be who they are today. This is not about civil rights. Can anyone show me where in the Constitution it gives any group the Civil Right to Marriage? Anyone?

Because Marriage is not a Civil Right. Marriage is not a right given to us by the Government. Marraige is a Religious Ceremony that the Government agreed to recognize as a means to collect tax revenue, and make it easier to account for family groups. It is not a right granted to anyone by the government.


Yeah, but Mormons wear celestial undergarments, which are gay, so I lump them in with homosexuals anyway.


I'm wondering if you comment was directed at me. If it was I think I need to give you my stance on this topic. While I don't agree with the Mormon church on a few topics I think they have the right to believe what they want and they shouldnt have to change their stance to fit someone else's agenda. I think that if the gay/lesbian crowd wants to have church that honor the marriages they need to make their own churches, not make other churches change their belief system to fit them. I think the Satanic church would marry themwouldnt they? Yesterday I actually called the Mormon temple in Tenn and said that if they need any help or support because of this they can shoot me an email and I'll be on my way to help.
I guess I should have titled this thread "They're gunning for the Mormons".


Yeah and oddly enough around that same time, Many Christians were forced to give up owning slaves. So, anyone today who is a Christian is just at heart a racist would be slave owner.

Polygamy and the modern LDS Church are entirely unrelated. Even when they practiced it they taught it was only appropriate for certain people at certain times and never blanket-ly approved it for every member.

Protestants, Catholics, and Jews hold the same kind of belief. I.E. It was okay for people like Abraham, but not for us today because times are different.

If you want to talk about a current problem in the LDS church, talk about abuse, though that isn?t condoned or sanctioned by the church.


I agree kinda sorta. Even if you are married to multiple women you are still married and they are women. Besides nobody ever goes after those hippy communes where nonody knows who they're baby daddy is.Muslims are practing polygamy here in the US and nobody says a thing about it. Even if a guy has multiple wives he is treating them better than a guy who uses women for one night stands. Even though Mormons don't do polygamy anymore I still think that it was better than mainstream way we lead our lives today.

Lets get back on topic. Do you think that its right that the gay/lesbian community is trying to take the tax exempt status from the Mormons?


Why should ANY church be tax exempt? They are, in the main, cash-rich BUSINESSES.

Total scam, if you ask me.


They also do alot to help people out. As a matter of fact I think Christen outreach programs are one of the main sources of charity in the world.


Whats gay about some long underwear?


I don't see any irony at all. It is good to know that there are still paragons of virtue like the Mormons ready to defend traditional marriage in this country. In this day and age when others are giving up on marriage as boring and unexciting their marriages are romantic and exciting.

You have to admit that there is a certain romantic adventureism to the idea of being an older man on the run from the FBI with his child brides. You don't see those boring Catholics bringing that kind of excitement into marriage.


Except that polygamist societies are much more violent as a result of the polygamy.