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Gundersen - 11x308lbs bench press at 176lbs bodyweight


About me

Age: 26
Sport: Powerlifting/bench press
Federation: International Powerlifting Federation
Weight class: -75/-82,5/-83
Years of traning: About 10 years

Norwegian Powerlifting Champion Sr. -75kg (2008)
Norwegian Powerlifting Champion Jr. -75kg (2008)
Norwegian Bench Press Champion Sr. -75 (2008)
Norwegian Bench Press Champion Sr. -82,5kg (2010)
Norwegian Bench Press Champion Sr. -83 (2011)

Personal Records Raw (Competition)
Squat: 225kg
Bench press: 150kg
Deadlift: 270kg
All lifts done at 79,0kg bodyweight.

Personal Records Raw (Training)
Squat: 11x180kg 5x205kg
Bench Press:: 5x150kg, 1x170kg
Deadlift: 10x200kg

I'm not gonna log all my traning sessions, but I will try to update now and then. Follow my training at: www.youtube.com/kimbeckgundersen



Very impressive lifts man, especially at your bodyweight. Keep up the good work, ill be watching.


Thank you, I will!




Thank you! :slightly_smiling:






Strong as phuck cuz! keep up the good work!


Well, I don't agree and I feel pretty weak compared to the strongest guys in my weight class, but I always strive to become bigger and stronger. One day I will be strong too!


Take a complement before I slap a bish j/k (no homo).


Hehe, ok ok. Thanks!




A short movie from todays session...


From now on I'm going to use my new youtube-account. That means that all my new movies will be posted to this account. My old account is www.youtube.com/kgundersen, and my new is www.youtube.com/kimbeckgundersen. I've moved some of my old movies to the new account. The reason for this switch, is that I will post movies with better quality from now on and don't want to mix new and old.

  1. august 2010

Not much to write, really. Easy bench, pendlayrows and so on. I'm not quite sure what to do next - go for a heavy bench, or try to achieve a good result on the 60m. For some years ago I competed in track and field and I must admit that it would be fun to do so again. However, it's very satisfying to traing for a bigger pr in bench press as well. Yeah, and winning some competitions.

Decisions, decisions...


Todays session...