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Gundam Wing


anybody else ever watch the show? ive never been able to talk about it with anyone because nobody ever knows what it is.


It was a little too Japan-y for me at the time. I enjoyed all the Dragon Ball series, but never really got into anything more serious than that when the big Anime wave hit.


Used to watch this ten years ago or so... one of my favourite Animes after Full Metal Alchemist series, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z.


Got all the episodes on my comp :smiley: great show. Deathscythe was badass


............You've earned the right to be on my friend's list.


Was a cool show. I hated Heero Yu with a passion, though. And then I heard that the show was made for girls, which is why all the Gundam pilots were so pretty. I don't like it as much anymore.

Tallgeese FTW!



i could see it being written for girls, there were times watching the show where i thought it was a little too dramatic, but i thought it was to play up the political and social commentary in the show.

heero was kind of annoying, my favorite character was treize, best scene is when heero flys epyon for the first time, sees his future and loses it.


dragonball z is amazing, best anime ive ever seen, outlaw star was pretty cool too, but it had a weird sexual vibe for a cartoon.

the cell saga is the best by far, but i still say cell shouldve defeated gohan based on his design, i make the same argument with doomsday and superman.


Nah I thought it made sense, they made such a big deal about Gohan having hidden potential since the beginning of Z. Also remember Trunks, Vegeta and Goku were strong enough to beat perfect cell, but their ascended Super Saiyan forms were too bulky and slow, so it made sense that Gohan could beat Cell as a SSJ2.


Never got into it. Great soundtrack though.


Endless Waltz is one of the greatest endings to a show I have ever seen.

Tallgeese 3 blowing up a fucking colony..Epic.


true, but wing zero in the movie was too much, the angel wings and everything was just too unrealistic.


i recently downloaded this and am about half way through watching it for the first time in like 10 years


i still prefer Gundam Wing not the Endless Waltz version, it is one of the most popular Gundams design, if not THE MOST, made by Hajime Katoki

I have the original VHS here stored at my room, a rare treasure indeed.

But my favorite series still is Char's Counter-Attack.

Seed is very good considering is a nice homage/remake to the 0079 series.

Just finished watching Stardust Memories the other day Gato is one hell of a character.

And if you are able to withstand 3D i HIGHLY recommend Gundam Igloo, which happens in the 0079 but from the vision of a testing division from Zeon about the horror of war independent of the side you root for.



Anavel Gato is a fucking man. He's not even a Newtype and he's an amazing pilot.




Duo was my favorite character, along with Zechs.

Epyon was the shit!


I seriously despise every "Char clone" out there, but i admit that Zechs was awesome on TallGeese

but my favorite character from Wing stills is Treize.


I think we are best friends!

Although i do have a soft spot for G Gundam =)


Is anyone watching Gundam Unicorn? The story sucks, but the animation is awesome.