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Gun Threats Are A Serious Matter


Would you have done the same?:


What a savage! Fuck, I'm not sure I would have tried to disarm that motherfucker if I was that kid, but shit man, he's got some balls. And he whupped that pussy's ass even though he looked like he was a good 50 lbs lighter than him. Punk got what he deserved. Good for that skater.


I got a rush just watching that video. If I was in the skater's shoes and was able to get the upper hand in that scuffle, I know for a fact that I would not stop until I was sure the armed guy was dead.

I woulda gorged his mother fuckin' eyes out then shoved my fist so far down his throat that id be able to yank out his lunch.

When someone ups the ante to that level it's do or die.


Never been faced with that kind of situation, impossible to tell if I would have done the same.

I'd love to say yah, I would, but I don't know.

I agree though the kid did some some serious cast iron balls. Dude got everything he deserved too, I love his friend beating him over the head with the skateboard when he could get an opening.

edit: ok upon watching it again, it seems the gunman is a fucking idiot. The kid casually grabs the guys wrist of the hand hes carrying the gun with, then cold cocks him. If you have a gun, why would you let someone get that close?


The guy probably wasn't actually going to shoot the kid. I can imagine his suprise when he got the shit kicked out of him.


Thats cool and all, but what if the guy with the gun isn't a giant tool bag, and when your rushing in to gouge his eyes and eat his lunch, he shoots your ass point blank. Then what?

You die on the way to the hospital because you thought it would be cool to fight a guy with a gun?

The kid got a great opportunity and took it. He got lucky. Also it doesn't hurt that the guy with the gun probably just graduation fourth grade.


I agree, but was the whole scuffle worth risking his life for anyway?


Ahem, if I was in the skater's shoes, and made the decision to throw a punch. The skater basically went all in and came out very lucky. I am saying that if I were ballsy enough to make the same decision I would not have stopped.

did the gunman have his gun in his hand during the scuffle on the ground?


Most likely not, but that kid probably discovered a great deal about himself.

there is a lesson here. If you are going to pull a gun on someone, you better be ready to use it.


no, at that point he was fucked.

If I was the skater and the gunman let me grab his gun hand, then I probably would take a shot.

Just don't consider this kid a hero because he took on a guy with a gun. More times then not I'd bet youd get shot.


I don't think I would have done that, but who knows, I've done some stupid things. I will say that while what that kid did is not something to emulate in most cases, he is a total bad ass, truly. Talking shit to a guy pointing a gun in your face then disarming him and beating the shit out of him when he's much bigger is hardcore. I wish those kids would have beaten that spic piece of shit to death.

But they probably live in an area with a lot of similar garbage and perhaps have grown a tolerance to the danger. I agree with Standard Donkey, if you do get the upper hand in that situation finish it. He should have backed off and run away, but once you're wrestling with a gunman you have to think you might die and you might have to kill. Actually, it's probably better this way, those kids don't need the burden of killing someone on their psyche.


That guy got very lucky, but he also probably has the most balls I've ever seen. Good for him.


It may be stupid to take on a guy with a gun, but with all that adrenaline going, how's the kid supposed to be calm enough to realize that this particular punk probably wasn't going to use it. Maybe he was going to use it, who knows? The kid didn't know for sure what that guy was going to do. He probably thought there was a very good possibility the punk was going to shoot, so when he had the chance he did whatever he had to do to possibly save his own life.

Is he a hero? Perhaps not, but I don't think anyone can fault that kid for doing what he did, especially since he murked that dumb motherfucker anyway.


I just watched that video again and I didn't notice until now that one of the skater's friends took out one of that piece of shit wannabe bangers buddies in the background. Those fuckers tried to roll up all hard and shit and got put down. I hope that punk bitch got thrown behind bars and gangraped by some seriously hardcore fuckers as a lesson to what happens to punks who think a gun makes them hard.


That scumbag is lucky that kid wasn't bigger. Some of those punches on the ground landed flush, a bigger dude would have broken his face to bits.


fuck yea dude that shit was badass

if that kid was bigger the fucking scumbag wouldn't have fucked with him in the first place yo.

i don't know what woulda went down if i was that kid but if i saw one of my boys getting confronted like that and i was right there with a skateboard please believe i would smash that dude in the done with the truck


Well just from how the gunman was holding the gun, I wish he would have tried to fire the gun. Because he would likely shoot himself in the artery. Who holds a gun like that?


If somebody was that close to me, pointing a gun at me, I would make the assumption that he meant to harm me, and do whatever I could to prevent that from happening. That kid is indeed a bad ass. I also would have probably beaten him nearly to death. I would have got him on the ground and started hitting him over the face with the trucks of my skateboard like I was trying to hit a baseball out of Yankee stadium. If he died, oh well. Self defense.

Also, his friends should have all got in on that, stomping mud holes in that guys ass while he was on the ground. Thumbs up to the guy beating him with the skateboard.


I was expecting a sneak attack from the back with a skateboard to the back of the head. I was dissappointed.