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Gun Policy in the USA

This thread is to hear from anyone who believes the United States should pass gun control legislation. I’ve seen lots of virtue signaling from gun control supporters along with lots of character attacks directed towards gun owners, but very little talk of actual policy.

What policy do you propose?

How will it lead to improved public safety outcomes?


Universal background checks and a national level CC permit.

Have you noticed any character attacks directed toward gun-control supporters?

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I’m curious how/why this will improve public safety in your opinion?

Sorta surprised you’re suggesting it to be honest.

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Age limits.

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Not on national tv. Have you?

Can you be more specific? Can you also explain how those policies will lead to improved outcomes?


Those already exist. Can you be more specific? Can you also explain how your policy would lead to improved outcomes?

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Let me preface by saying I put virtually no stock in “States rights” unless it is something that isn’t national level.

State by state run carry/cc/etc systems are inherently going to be more expensive in total. They have historically created criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens by crossing state lines. The split of information leads to less accurate and reliable data surrounding people’s status/licensure/etc for LEOs/etc.

As a non gun owner, and one that doesn’t believe varying CC regs have a meaningful impact on crime, there aren’t any redeeming qualities to letting the states run things as opposed to the feds.

For UBC I think it’s pretty common sense. Imo (granted as an outside non gun owner) the added inconvenience of UBCs when nearly all gun sales require them anyways is far worth AT MINIMUM removing it as such a stupid distraction from the entire gun policy discussion.

This is obviously under the context that we’d actually crack down on gun sales done without them. Ie, don’t run a background check and it’s a felony. Man time in a man prison. Change the risk/reward ratio for those that sell guns to criminals and it’s near guaranteed to slow the flow

18 year olds don’t need semi autos. Maybe 21 to own hunting rifles, shotguns and revolvers, and 25 to own semi autos. I would also limit their access to training on those weapons so you can’t bring your 10 year old to the range to shoot an AR-15. He or she can learn gun safety and basic marksmanship on something else.

This wouldn’t prevent all shootings but it would prevent some. Adam Lanza was 20 but he used guns bought by his idiot mother who also took him to the range so maybe had he not been allowed to go shooting it would have made a difference.


I think that makes sense, but I’m not sure how it will improve public safety?

A national CC would help me since I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland, though…

I wish the U.S. would pass some legislation to outlaw shooting people with a gun. My proposed law will lead to improved public safety by not allowing people to shoot people with a gun.


Hooray!!! You win the internet!!!

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That’ll never happen you gun grabbing commie


Except it isn’t, because you’ve not explained what you’re actually proposing. You’re not really being very specific, and the details are what’s actually important. I’m assuming you’re aware that all firearm transfers from an FFL to a private citizen already require a background check.

What are you proposing should be done in addition to that?

How will that lead to improved outcomes?

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Isn’t this why we elect leaders? They are the ones who think they are so smart they should be in charge.

So, when I got out of the Marine Corps at 22 I couldn’t own a semi-auto rifle because of age? Seems pretty arbitrary to me.

Why? Honestly, why would you limit the opportunities a father has to teach their child how to responsibly handle a weapon?

Have you ever fired an AR-15? I don’t mean that sarcastically. My AR is 5.56/.223, which is not a large caliber at all. My 1911 .45 has more kick.

What about groups like 4H?

These guys teach all sorts of awesome stuff including firearm safety. Why limit what they can teach?

I just don’t understand this at all. I would think you’d want more education not less.


No. Broadly speaking, this is why we have subject matter experts.

I think bare minimum it stops creating criminals which has its obvious benefits to public safety.

Sure it would. It would allow you to carry your weapon on you while you go on a 48 State road trip without once becoming a felon for crossing state lines.

Correct, but since not all gun sales go that route, it’s not universal.

That ALL gun sales are subject to the same set of rules regarding the necessity of a background check instead of just most.

That’s a good idea. A lot of kids spending time with Dad at the range turn into mass shooters.

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