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Gun Facts E-Book


Although I know that the subject of gun control has been done to death on this forum, and will probably never come up ever again (yeah, right), this little booklet should be helpful for people on both sides of the issue, should another thread somehow appear.

It will help us on the right side to state our case succinctly and accurately, while helping those on the wrong side to avoid embarrassing themselves through the spouting of erroneous nonsense.




Thank you for the link. Defend the Second as you would the First, for as the Second goes, so goes the First.


"When they came for the Fifth Amendment,
I did not say anything, because I had done nothing wrong.
When they came for the Fourth Amendment,
I did not say anything, because I had nothing to hide,
When they came for the Second Amendment,
I did not say anything, because I did not own a gun,
When they came for the First Amendment,
I could not say anything."


Here you go: defensive use of a firearm in Harlem, as reported in the NYT.


Meh. It's safer to outlaw them and throw cameras up everywhere.


Especially if you happen to be a bad government.


Nineteen Eighty-Four


I'm of the belief that there is nothing wrong with tyrannical government as long as I'm on the payroll. Oh, and they have to provide me a staff of servants and my own letterhead.


Sweet deal! Where do I get my own tyrannical gov't?


Vote Democrat or Republican. Bada-boom-bada-bing! I'll be here all night folks.


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