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Gun control


Ice Cube and co. summed up my position:


I believe in gun control. In fact, I believe guns should taken from the hands of the the State and put in the hands of its people.




Those who think that Obama would not take your right to own a gun away IF HE COULD, are seriously mistaken.






You believe that governments should have the guns and the citizens should not?


I believe that 'governments' - presumably the military and police - require guns and it is beyond absurd to suggest they shouldn't have them.

Citizens should also be allowed guns but citizens who talk endlessly about states' rights, citizens' militias, secession and quote the founding fathers' revolutionary statements as if they have some relevance today should have to pass a mental health/intelligence test before being granted a permit.

Having said that I'm pro-concealed carry.


When the state has the power to use weapons against its citizens then its citizens can never be free.

It is the power of arms that restrains government and keeps people free.

Government employees should not have guns but rather we should and we should wave them in their faces every chance we get without fear just to remind them who is in charge.


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That is all.


What's to elaborate?

No weapons of any kind for them. None.


Sadly, they don't have to take it; all they need do is destroy it.


They have to take it first.

P.S. I missed you old friend. Glad you are still here.


How would my freedom be defended if someone walked into my home and shot me while I was sleeping?

How would our freedom be defended if a foreign power invaded?


If someone walks in on you in your sleep you are dead and no copper will save you; however, if you have a private security firm monitoring your property you might be better defended.

As far as defending your freedom that is your responsibility alone.

If you want freedom you have the moral obligation to stand up for it yourself.


Lifty likes the thought of chaos. And if he is thinking otherwise then he's not as smart as I think he is.


No, I do not.

States breed chaos whereas markets alleviate it.

I am pro-market and anti-state.


The right to life. If my life is taken while Im sleeping I would want the killer to be punished for his crimes in the aftermath.

Private security firm? Really? So only the wealthiest should have the privilege of freedom?

And yes avoiding trouble is indeed a personal responsibility. But that will not always protect you. Everyone needs to sleep. Everyone lets their guard down at some point. A functioning society in my mind is not a society where you are constantly afraid and holding your finger on the trigger.


Well no, you could contract yourself to some corporate feudal lord, falling under his protection. Well, there's always mob justice too. A rope, a tree, and some whipped up frenzy makes for affordable justice.