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Gun Control - Bananas


Nice little experiment here that I thought you might like to look at it. Take it as a funny little social experiment or maybe even look at the wider implications - I just think it's funny.


That actually makes perfect sense.


Sorry. I linked to the actual article I was actually meant to link to the article about the article. This is the funny bit. Sorry.



That's awesome.


Nice trick.


Not sure, but it sounds like the "study" tallied hurting or killing someone robbing your house as a negative.


Funny?...My mule don't like people laughin'


I've been a member at arstechnica for over 11 years. It's the only forum of a couple dozen where I am not registered as "Tiribulus" as I had not take than handle yet. What any study says or what idiots do with their guns is entirely unrelated to MY right to be armed.


Removing all guns is a good idea, then no one would be killed by a hand gun. But like most liberal ideas it's fatally flawed. All gun control does is restrict ownership of guns for law abiding citizens. Criminals don't much care about such laws.


I personally am opposed to any gun control because I agree with the premis that if you out law guns than only outlaws will have them. But there is a valid point that some people do not handle guns responsibly. I would think that mandatory firearms education should be mandatory education in grade school . Pretty liberal thinking I know:)


I think you should be able to have guns. But with limits... like say 8 rounds.

the right to arms is crucial to protect against a corrupt government. With guns the people arresting/seizing must risk dying to arrest the citizen, thus making it harder to have private armies terrorizing people.

However no one should be able to own 30 round semi auto assault rifles that can massacre people when the gunman goes crazy (school shootings).



If the NRA (private org.) administers licensing for gun ownership which includes gun safety etc. then yes, I'm all for mandatory education....

.. there, not so liberal thinking.


we got a one day class back in the 60s and also Cub Scouts had a merit badge for gun
safety :slight_smile:


Mexico is a example of that problem the cops have revolvers and the criminals have ak's


that's a problem. not one i brought up. mexicos problems stem from americas drug laws.


your preaching to the choir :slight_smile:


And we're supposed to do this with 8 rounds huh?


[/quote]And we're supposed to do this with 8 rounds huh?

The point is to have some lethal force so a group can not just steal you away in the night. with 8 shots there is a good chance you will kill or seriously injure those after you, making you a much tougher target. The founding fathers would not have wanted people to have the ability to shoot dozens of people before turning it on your self.


Guerilla warfare with 8 rounds?


your preaching to the choir :slightly_smiling:

Happy to hear it. been to leap.cc ? law enforcement against prohibition?

Drugs are a problem. But criminalizing drugs creates more harm by far.

Heroin is dirt cheap. criminalization creates profits for criminals and forces users to rob steal and prostitute themselves to get their fix. /rant