Gumbovariation's Training Log

This is my road to redemption. During the three previous years, ballooned up to a not so healthy 103 kg at 181 cm height, fueled by beer and smokes, while still having some (short) periods where I tried to go to the gym regularly. Now I’m @ 92 kgs. My goal is to cut to ~85 kg and be able to deadlift at least double BW at this weight. I’m trying to do some low-volume, heavy lifting while keeping the exercise selection minimal.

Today’s workout : Deadlift and OHP

Diddy :
Warm up
130 kg x 5
140 kg x 4
150 kg x 3
155 kg x 2
160 kg x 1
missed two singles at 170 and 165

Warm up
60 kg x 5
60 kg x 4
60 kg x 3
50 kg x 5
60 kg x 4
60 kg x 4

Cardio : 12~ mins on the rowing machine, trying not to stare to hard at the behind of the girls on the treadmill in front of me

That’s all folks !