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Gumball 3000!


Has anyone seen or heard of this?


Someday, somehow, (with some Lamborghini, I hope), I will do this!!

Fuck yeah!!!


Yea, its from the Tekademics (sp?) guys. Its pretty cool and they have a couple dvds out on it. I know a lot of it takes place around D.C.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure if you searched for it you could find some sites about, and I have seen some DVD's about it in sam goody or FYE or something.

Its pretty interesting, definitly would be cool to do someday. Although, I doubt any of us have a car fast enough to do so.

Hennessey Viper 1000 would be my choice.


DC? I thought this year it's starting in London, going across Europe heading east, then flying to Thailand, doing a stint through Asia, then flying to Vegas and heading west to L.A. and Hef's mansion . . . .


Yes could be fun, but have you heard what the entry fees are?

"As done in past years, loyal past Gumballers will recieve a discount of 25% with the total entry fee being ?30,000 (based on 2 persons per car); and ?40,000 to new participants."

I would rather spend that on a car, or a house.


Oh man, there was an episode of Jackass about this. I think it was the only good episode of that show ever.

I keep trying to get my friends involded, but they won't risk their cars for this - think five guys crammed into a namless Hyundai with plastic sheeting over the smashed-out window.

But that would only be because even if we pooled all our money, we still couldn't even rent a proper car for this race.

But one day, one day.


i was just sayin they originate around here. i know that the BMW in the one video is doing donuts in front of the White House. Plus the black 350z goes to my school which is around that area.


Wow, it's even more than I thought. For some reason I remembered it being a 10,000 pound (around 20,000 US dollars?) entry fee, but I guess it's even more than that. Plus, nevermind the car itself (and it would only be fun, I think, in a superfast exotic), I think you'd also have to shell out loads on backup equipment for the car, tons of them have radar/laser detectors, GPS, spare parts, plus gas (in Europe that's quite pricey), etc. And, you have to factor in that you're going to get plenty of speeding tickets, and maybe even get the car impounded once or twice. Someone said that by day 2 or 3 they'd already had to pay 700 Euro in speeding tickets. Yikes. :frowning:

But once I have the dough . . . !