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Gum Shields/Bodybuilding & Weightlifting


When i was watching WSM earlier this year did anyone else notice that the competitors were wearing mouth guards?

I just saw Jay Cutler wearing one as well on his newest pictures on facebook.

What you think about this. I heard that it was something to do with the muscles in the jaw being balanced makes the rest of your body balance out?

Bull shit or science?


It's just to avoid biting your tongue or ruining your teeth.

I don't wear one, but I can understand why some people would. I've accidentally clashed teeth hard while I was grinding out a rep.



It also makes it hard a fuck to breath. The nose just wasn't made for large rushes of air. We never kept them in during football drills or sprints because you'd be winded much quicker. I don;t know why they would use these in WSM for that reason


I don't know if I even take a single breath on a max set of deadlifts! I could see it being an issue on some events, but not all of them.

I agree with the others its just to keep from grinding your teeth together when fully exerting yourself.

Just don't be like the guy at my old gym who used a mouth guard on EVERY set of EVERY exercise


there's a study somewhere that shows it lowers cortisol production also


I've used a mouth guard many times for 1 reps maxes. I mostly used it for HEAVY (to me) leg presses. I think it has more to do with biting down hard causing a lot of tension to make you push harder.

There could be a easy study done to test this. I do think there is some merit.

I think it's just preference really. Like some people like to use straps but I use chalk.