Gum Grown With Cycles?

It was brought up in my pathology class that gingival hyperplasia (increased gum growth) occurs as a side effect of AAS. Enough that it makes it evident to dentists. I’ve never heard anything about this before and I was curious if anyone who had been through a couple to many cycles had noticed anything like this?

If curious it could look as sever as the link below, but I assume that most people here would notice it and get a gingivectimy before it got this bad.

Look at pro bodybuilders. We all konw they take huge amount of steroids for long periods of time. Their gums seem fine to me. Plus, in my own experience I’ve never seen any change in gum structure. Perhaps if they are taken during a developmental stage such as puberty the gums could be affected, but I’d bet my money on there being no effect.