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Guitar Video Thread

Occasionally, I get lost in youtube. Here are my results. Required watching for all guitarists, IMO. It’s something different at least.

Andy Mckee- Art of Motion

Erik Mongrain- Airtap

Never really heard of these guys before, this is funny/cool

Paganini- Caprice No. 24 (don’t know the guitarist)

Roland Dyens- Tango en Skai (played by the composer)

Michael Hedges- Rickover’s Dream

Scott and Michelle Dalziel (Scott was my first guitar teacher)

Kirk Hammet- some crap, just making shit up, I think this is from the “live shit” box set?

Jennifer Batten(written by rimsky-korsakov)- Flight of the Bumblebee

Aside from all the old 80’sness of this video, she can really play. I got to see her in a clinic once, and she’s a monstrous tapper (two hands on the fret board). Think EVH on steroids.

From “Crossroads”

This is also a paganini thing.

Steve Vai- Bad Horsie

Joe Satriani- Summer Song