Guitar sites on the Web

I’m getting back into playing guitar and I’m wondering if anyone here has some recommendations for guitar related sites on the web that you’ve found helpful.

I am a Dave Matthews Band fan and there is a site called It is amazing. This guy has transcribed every Dave song and then on many of them, has shown you how to play them by making a video of the verse, or intro, etc.

Right now, I’m really into playing acoustic, but any site would be good.

Thanks for any reply

My favorite site on the web is you have to download some free software to use it but it plays the whole song for you and you can create your own tab!

i frequent for tab and they usually have more than one transcription for more popular songs so you can decide which sounds better to you

Powertabs or MDXtabs. POwertabs is great it plays the song so you can get the tempo and it shows bass tabs too witch is what I play.

harmony central is great, has alot of the old olga stuff. also, it has links to other tab sites like one of my new favorites…fast tabs. if you are into classical at all i have some good sites with scores as well as tab.

One of my favorites is

Its full of advise and forums on improving your practice, so that you can achieve your goals on guitar without hitting plateaus. One of the main forum participants there, Ney Mello, also visit the T-Man site (and has posted favorable comments on his Mag-10 experiences) as well as being a virtuoso guitar player.

Also check out for guitar lessons, songs, and other self-published material. They also have a ton of lessons geared towards intermediate - advanced level players.

Good luck

personally i’ve never played tab…i was threatened with my life if i ever resorted to them so i can’t really help ya there :wink: i actually thought the fender player’s club was pretty cool, there’s also but i think you have to pay for access.

i know guitar center gives a 50 dollar gift cert for any Berklee Collegel of Music online course.

personally i’d love to learn Pro Tools sometimes soon.

Try It’s archives and current Tabs are hyooooge and they have lessons online.

KC, Protools is cool but so expensive man, have you tried Cubase or Logic or one of the others?

“The Mode Man” BMF

Sorry about the impending hyjack but…

Does anyone know of a good, user friendly guitar tuner? I’m having problems with my new accoustic, if I breathe on it wrong it comes out of tune. A quality tuner would be a great thing to have around.

Thanks in advance,


no i haven’t BMF. . .i’ll give 'em a look see. thanks for the tip :slight_smile: