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Guitar Playing Video


This is just a vid of me jerking around.

I just refinished this guitar. took out all of the single coils and simplified to a one hum bucker(screaming demon) and one volume knob. Just wanted to have some fun. Bandaid from putting in a dishwasher. I wish I could say that was why my playing is sloppy butâ?¦.I need to make more time to bust it out. Sorry no backing track.


Another shredding iron brother!

Check this thread out:



Love the tone and the playing both.
I bend a lot of notes like you do with no whammy, but joints are getting to where it hurts.
Put up a vid with a track and put a shirt on, if you don't mind.... lol


Yeah sorry about the shirt just painting a chair and had a few minutes to mess around . I have made a few simple backing tracks on my garage band program.... My amp is a little piece of junk looking for something new.


Wow, great tone brother!


Lots of mistakes and the level of the backing track is weak and I haven�¢�?�?t felt well ,my throat was soar and the acoustics in the room are bad and�¢�?�¦
I did put a shirt on! Need to down load some backing stuff mine are too simple and sound terrible when played back. Anyways more practice. Watched the other cat I love george lynch stuff.