Guitar Players, Help

I have been wanting to learn to play guitar for a while now. A few days ago I got a Bristol BM-16 for a steal, $50.

Where would you all recommend I start? A lot of the advice I have gotten is just play. Thing is I look at it like lifting, sure I can go in and just randomly do exercises and get better but, it would not optimal. Setting things up correctly would lead to easier and faster progress.

I work from home so, I have quite a lot of time to practice.

I self taught myself pretty good. I know my way around the fretboard and am fluent in a bunch of scales but to be honest you are best advised to seek help from a professional.

There’s some stuff in that thread somewhere about learning how to play

Just starting to learn myself, have a friends who play but not getting any real help from them. Well, outside of lending me a guitar. So here are two links that I have found helpful

First, gives you a basic course to start from which I liked. Bit by bit builds up. Plus the accent makes it classy.

Second, google martyzsongs. He gives all these song tutorials that are really well done. All over the place on bands too so not just the same old thing. So once you have some chords down and want to play around, it’s fun to check out some of the stuff he does. From beginner to more advanced.

Anyone, from one beginner for what it’s worth.

Just play.

[quote]dt79 wrote:
Just play.[/quote]


[quote]TheJonty wrote:

There’s some stuff in that thread somewhere about learning how to play[/quote]