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Guitar Hero: Warning


Your girlfriends aint gonna take more of it.




Doing you a favor.


Did the girls post that video themselves? I'm wondering who else would have labeled them 'hot chicks'.

That was annoying to listen to though.


I think this is fake. But if it isn't, that's an official ass whipping.


Sooo ugly girls don't like when guys play rock band?

Who the hell cares?


haha ... good stuff.


The ball slap is just plain wrong.


Who the hell plays Rock Band with the volume that low? The drums would get annoying before even finishing a song.


I love these girls.

that falcon punch was great


Now that was messed up. No matter how much I hate rock band, that is one thing I would not do.


Any man who applauds another man getting punched in the nads is not a man.

I suggest we follow girls to the mall and insist on falcon punching coochies every time they walk into a shoe store.


I have a GIF just for this occasion. Must find it.


Funny thing is the dude with the guitar stuck it out to get the last notes in before giving in to the pain. Now thats dedication.


Here it is!


There is no funny thing. Girls like that deserve to have their clits cut off and burned.


...that works too.


LMAO I noticed that too. He's fallson the ground and still tries to strum it haha


First ever post by Prof X in a thread I started! YES!

Oh, and I agree. (With the first part at least).

Clearly the guy hasn't really been hit hard in the nads. I don't know about any of you but if I've been hit hard in the nads I fold over much faster and/or spastically kick out attempting to obtain some form of retribution. (Reflex)


sack tap = not cool.


I don't know about the nut tap, but a good video overall. FUCKING A those games got old fast.

With as much time as people put into that shit they could gasp actually learn a real instrument and musical theory?

But that's not as fun as pretty-colored buttons.

Anyway, I think the chick who set up the camera was probably hot, at least.