Guinness World Record for Dips in One Minute



I was expecting real dips… but when I saw the guy just throwing seizures…

Dude, his hip ROM was greater than his elbow ROM. wow


Almost as impressive as the 460 pound bench.

I wonder if this guy ‘trains like a powerlifter’ too?

Was that a joke?

Looked like some cross-fit ab exercise.

I was expecting bad, but at least a kipping pull up somewhat resembles a pull up, that was really, REALLY bad.

What a frigin joke.

Maybe they got confused. This was actually the “World Record in Humping a Dip Station” video.

You gotta be kidding me!

that was lame. when ppl hear that record they should already smell bullshit.

Isn’t this event contested in the Special Olympics???

Is there prize money for getting into Guiness? I [and most people here] can 1/10th dip at least that many times in a minute. It’s ridiculous what passes for a world record these days.

So, did he call the dip station back the next day?

o balls this is the worst.

Yeah, it looked like he was trying to get himself off. I don’t know, does anyone know if it worked for him? Poor guy, he probably hasn’t gotten any for months.