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GuineaPig’s Training Log



Back on the gains this week. Technically week two because last session like on Friday counts apparently. The injury (now that I think of it may have just been some weird DOMS) is even better now only a little bit on bench.

Squat 6x3 @ 140kg
Pause Squat 3x4 @ 120kg

Pretty easy if lengthy squats. Easier than I expected honestly. No vids cos was distracted talking to mates.

Good gains on squat last training cycle on Sheiko and looking forward to more this time around. Early goings though so just need to put in the work. Pause squats as always feeling hard but giving me a lot on squats. Assistance exercises are the same across the board like last training cycle so like all pauses of some kind.

Bench 5x4 @ 90kg
Machine Flyes whatever reps for the pump

After big PRs on bench last Sheiko cycle I’m keen for more. Hopefully 120kg next and beyond to three biscuits. 5x4 feeling breezy. Probably gonna get to benching with wrist wraps again. My wrists do look bent back but the weight is sitting in the base of my palm so I don’t there’s much injury risk there. Just the most comfy this way.

Sumo Deadlift 15 reps @ 170kg
Snatch Grip Deadlift 5x12 @ 60kg

Low DL day on mondays with 15 total reps on the menu. 3 reps hook grip and then strapping up for a rep PR of 12 at 170kg.

Maybe not full Sheiko style but it’s worked well for me in the past so why not do it again with new numbers and a bit of Sheiko flair. Gonna keep using the belt but honestly I don’t really “feel” a difference like on squats with a belt.

Leg Press
Barbell Curls
Let’s make this cycle the first time I’ve ever been consistent with curls lol


Sexi bench. Inb4 all kinds of gains


Eyeing that bench PR like


But not really because it’s only the start of a training cycle