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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Sheiko Gold AI - Road To First Meet & 600kg+ / 1400 lb Total

Didn’t feel amazing today for deadlifts but hit around about the middle of my weight bracket/range target with top set 251kg x 6 @ RPE 8.

I blame it on the Goliath Deadlift Bar one of me mates bought in. Stiff as an Eleiko. Stole all me gains.

I’m getting more comfortable with grinding off the floor with all this exposure to heavier weights and higher RPEs. I feel like there’s momentum building up here to something big.


Good to hear because that’s the entirety of your lift, as soon as your off the floor it’s rep complete! (Moving the YouTube abuse onto here for you!)

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Funny enough feels like there’s a fair distance to travel once the bar has broken the ground lel

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First off day in a while so no PBs.

Pec has been feeling tweaky so no bench but back is feeling aight. Physio this week to fully sus out the issue.

Today hit 175kg x 5 squat and 230kg x 4 pause deadlift. Felt like I didn’t have the strength in my hips to squeeze em thru on both movements.

I’m kinda disappointed so have to remind myself there’s always peaks and troughs.


Bendigo Barbell Club

The boiz and I bought some equipment on auction from a powerlifting gym in the city that was closing down. Got a Texas Deadlift Bar, deadlift platform and some plates. Not massive savings on the deadlift bar and plates but some savings and pretty much impossible to get these things in Australia. Pics of BBC (lel) 2.0 later


If i ever visit australia im gonna visit BBC :point_right: :point_left:

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I’ll pick u up from the airport

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lets first survive the apocalypse lel

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It’s ok tren is protective. Been taking it prophylactically for 2 years. Not bad gains either


Drove 2 hrs to acquire new equipment for Bendigo Barbell Club: Texas Deadlift Bar, AMFX deadlift platform and few pairs of Ivankos. Great pick ups saved 2 grand on new for stuff that’s very tough to get a hold of in Oz.

Was a full house this evening to break in the new things. 10 people total (not all at once) the most we’ve had in and a bunch of PBs including one of me mates hitting a 170kg bench and 250 DL both PBs. Best BBC session yet. I feel like I’m saying that every 2 weeks so we making barbell club PBs.


Love the new Texas Deadlift Bar. The rustic feel of it with all the big lifts that had been done on it at the powerlifting gym we got it from. Continuing that legacy at Bendigo Barbell Club is really cool.

Needed a bit of a clean up because it was rusted a bit. Bit of 3 in 1 and it looked pretty fresh. Not new but like well used in a good way without being tetanus gains. Satisfying to treat this bar with the love it deserves


Drove to Melbourne today to see the physio and train with the boiz.

Had a bad session myself for the 2.5 drive and a long week or poor fatigue management (mostly sleep). My client hit few PBs tho including both rep PB and 1RMs: 150kg Squat and 195kg DL

Saw the physio. He specialises in lifters so knows his shit. Pretty much I have relatively weak and imbalanced glutes so the back can get loaded up a bit extra for the glutes not being up to par. Kinda sounds like a meme diagnosis that everyone gets but that’s what got to with a thorough history and examination. Not a massive surprise to me tbh. The action plan is training the glutes hard after the comp lifts.

Second piece of the puzzle and arguably just as important is managing sleep better because that makes everything better faster.

Juicy booty… lol

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Apparently not juicy enough or at least a little dysfunctional

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True dat, lol.
Not saying he ain’t right, I have no way of knowing what’s up with your cheeks. How did he reach that conclusion?

Clinical reasoning I guess, part process of elimination part interpretations subjective/objective findings. TLDR they were the main things that we saw and made sense to address for to maximise max recovery gains as the trend is already towards getting better

Back stress testing (active passive movements and end range, shock/impact, neurodynamic testing etc.) didn’t reproduce or exacerbate symptoms much. Past history of injury was similar but more severe since slow onset/non traumatic event having any structure particularly significantly damaged is unlikely. In the past sneezing/coughing was aggravating suggesting disk involvement. Sitting is bothersome so suggests flexion intolerance component. Nil nerve-y symptoms and more mechanical than inflammatory pattern.

The biggest findings were poor fatigue management and left r glute imbalance from testing in single leg hip thrust, side plank, leg/knee straight abduction, abduction with thigh in 45 degree hip flexion and abduction with thigh close to 90 degree hip flexion. On film me squats get spinny lel rotating on the concentric especially when fatigued or near max.

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