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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Sheiko Gold AI - Road To First Meet & 600kg+ / 1400 lb Total

Near pig death event (could’ve been bad but am unscathed)

That’s just functional core training bro


@FlatsFarmer I remember u reposted something from Kenny about good mornings vs 45 degree back raises etc. U got that info around somewhere? I’m considering best movements for me posterior chain

Edit NVM I got a back extension off the FB Marketplace

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Side bend PR


Had a bit of an adventure post sesh today. Saw a commercial grade back extension on Facebook marketplace recently listed. So pounced on it because posterior chain is a limiting factor for me that I wanna build up.


I want a back extension as well… bout to pickup the new Rogue reverse hyper when it comes back in stock too.

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Probably more common second hand than a GHR at least. Any in ur area? I imagine people and gyms Getting rid of em. Happy with this one because is built solid so I can load it up

Gyms in our area opened up months ago. Not too many interesting finds that i have seen locally. I may pick one up from Titan Fitness. Theyre pretty cheap

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Solid bench sesh today. Technique was a bit sloppy which is could be both because of fatigue and because of lower frequency/less practice trying to manage fatigue

While Squat/Deads work better low frequency for me I’ll pay attention to how bench goes (probably be able to cope with more bench normal frequency 2-4x a week).

Worked up to a long pause bench top single at 130kg. Bunch of work to follow up: slingshot, overhead, delts and triceps. Even if bench doesn’t go up or is masked by fatigue during the course of training I think I can accumulate plenty of work, build muscle and long term progress.


Missed this, looking great! Even the mishap was handled well, you haven’t missed a beat during corona mayhem!

But…monolift and squat bar basically massive cheating (unlike sumo which is fine) so these squats don’t count.


Squat bar isn’t a massive difference but right away is feeling solid. Same with the mono. With a bit of time it’ll be more and more cheaty like I’ll get out of it. Still going to be walking stuff out. COVID hasn’t been at all insurmountable for my circumstances luckily and I don’t think I could be doing much better even without COVID things. Fortunately is still all within me ability to control I think.

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Slow cooker should be rocking up early next week. Im thinking a Mexican inspired pulled beef be nice. Convenient tasty protein.

Any pro tips?

Nice solid bench as always piggy, what’s the secret?

I dunno. Be fat is a big one

Lol I am already fat and still not that strong :joy:

Then u must be fatter

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Nice back raise unit. That thing looks sturdy.

Is that a home made reverse hyper in the photo? It’s a small world. Even on the far side of the globe people pile their shit on top of that thing.

Real quick, Kenny said that good mornings are hardest at the bottom, and are good for strength off the floor. 45 Degree back raises are toughest in the middle work through the mid range, around your knees. Glute/Hams are hardest at the top and develop the lockout/end of the deadlift.

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Any smart ways to replicate a GHR without a GHR? I swear my gym used to have one, but I can’t find it anywhere.

For that motion, If you can find someplace to kneel and wedge your ankles underneath something you can do “Nordic Hamstring Curls” or a “Manual Glute/Ham Raise.”

For that emphasis of the top range of hip extension you can do some kind of deadlift variation, focusing on the top part of the move, above your knees, really trying to use “upper hams” and “lower glutes” to push your hips. And not using lower back to finish the lift. A little band tension can really help get that little extra at the top.

A kettlebell swing, where you really try to get some pop at the top, from full hip extension could also be cool.

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Yeah it’s commercial grade even if it has seen a lot of use. Jumped around on it a lot when I was dissing out whether to buy it and nothing budged so should be good. I don’t trust dem ones rated to 150ish kg.

Thnx for the second hand info lol. Was just trying to match up the accessory movements to me lifts. I think ima focus everything other than lockout strength since I don’t have a GHR and doesn’t seem to be how my lifts go

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