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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Sheiko Gold AI - Road To First Meet & 600kg+ / 1400 lb Total

Australians Assemble

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EDIT Oops too many Australians. @duketheslaya gonna have to be The Iron/Captain/Black Teletubby


Wait @Irishman92 is Aussie? Well then why the fuck have I imagined him with an Irish accent the whole time?

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Probably does have an Irish accent tho

Here’s Irishman92 in action:


Just to fuck with your head :sunglasses: I actually have a really sad Irish impersonation, but I can drink Guiness and Jameson like a true Irishman.


Hi all,

Hot day in Melbourne makes for an extra hot (in a bad way) sweaty shitty workout.

Squats 130kg 5x4-5reps

Felt terrible but at least quads weren’t feeling like they’d rupture mid squat.

Straight sets are pretty exhausting so I’m thinking about doing top sets then back off sets after. Like today I think a rep pr of 7 was there but I wanted to conserve energy for the other sets. What do you guys think?

Bench Press 90kg 6x5

More volume for poverty bench. Reps felt slow but Volume PR so it’s not so bad. I’d ask for help but my bench is beyond saving.

170kg x7 and 170kg x6 Rep PRs
150kg x 6 Rep PR x 4 Sets

Deadlift Rep PR city and sweat soaked towels today. Trying to apply tips from @chris_ottawa and @Vincepac1500 but can’t say I was particularly successful.

Meant to hit 2 sets of six sumo but miscounted the first set.

Tried some extra cheat deadlifts by widening out my stance. Felt awkward so may go wider gradually from my regular stance as I get more flexible.

Post workout no junk food lol

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Tho I can understand the dislike for the combination of hot weather and gyms without ventilation this Log needs more positivity and junk food. I got you fam.

Pro tip: Colour coordination between shirt and plates on the sumo make will make you stronger.

Am sold on the men’s tights? Sexy af no homo. Where can I get them?

Now that the fucking about is over let’s try to make this reply at least 50% helpful:

Top sets is one of many ways to get the work in. If you feel there’s benefits for you mentally and physically try a few workouts that way.

Nice PRs tho looked kinda easy… you sandbagging bastard. Max out. Not srs lel. Steady gains are good gains.

I like as wide as I can go while getting shins vertical-ish at the start of the lift. Gives you the best of both worlds: reduced ROM and leg drive/starting power.

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If I went that wide, I’d be worried about dropping the plates on my toe! Nice conventional, there must have been a hottie around coz it looks like you are glancing to your left every couple of reps. I’ve definitely been guilty of that to :smile:

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But Conor Mcgregor doesn’t even lift…

Did not see the toes pop in slightly away from the plates on the first watch. Pretty close to the biggest stubbed toe ever and RIP @guineapig

Ah don’t remind me! It’s seriously a big struggle to be away from a barbell for so long. Maybe if I stay consistent with this calisthenics stuff it will give me the same feeling that the powerlifts were. Dunno…

I always wanted to go away from my natural state and be hyooge and thicc (am I saying them right?) but instead I’m getting lean, endurancy and explosive. Oh well I guess I still have a few years in front of me to pack on the mass.

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Yeah just dont do this though lol. Be careful of devil hotties!!!

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Mirror to the left… but hotties sounds more exciting so we’ll go with that

With sumo I feel like I could rep all day. I don’t think it translates over to 1RM as well as other lifts when you use calculator?

2XU is a company that makes incredible overpriced sportswear like I mean worse then Nike. I got the tights on clearance at The WodLife for $70 but I think full price they are around $200 so not worth at that price

It’s one of the black and gold ones on here I think

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They check it out how thicc I am. Didn’t you see the first workout?


Strong GIF/10

Pretty much. Short ROM and all that jazz makes rep work easier. Just progress, set rep PRs and your 1RM will go up. You’ll find out how the numbers match when you max out.

Bank Account says no


Nice training log…

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Looks like it’s coming around. As far as rep to Max single is just a matter of how well you can grind while staying in the best position.

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You could try working with lower reps to improve your starting position. If you are determined to keep doing rep maxes then you can keep those, you are making progress after all. The thing is that many (if not most) people have a tendency to start the subsequent reps with higher hips. You could go as far as doing multiple singles, or just do 2 triples or 3 doubles after the first set of 6.

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If I remember will give it a go next session thanks

Forgot to link/mention this the first time around but have a watch of this

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