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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Sheiko Gold AI - Road To First Meet & 600kg+ / 1400 lb Total

@guineapig what @khangles said.

@Vincepac1500 your awesome dude lol




Don’t need a hype man when you’re your own hype man lol


@guineapig Im no expert, but Brian Alsruhe’s Bench and Squat Cheat Sheet videos really helped me see what I could be doing better with my technique and some of the tips helped bring both my squat and bench up. Plus, they feel alot smoother after making a few adjustments that he suggests in the videos

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For deadlift shoot Yury Belkin an email and ask how he does it

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Finally a cold day in Melbourne. Perfect weather for lifting as I head into the city to get a workout in with a couple of my best buds at the city Doherty’s.


Sumo 180kg x 3,4,4,4 Rep PRs

Couldn’t decide which set was better so here’s two vids pls vote on sexiest set

Started with deadlifts for a change and went a little too ham which affected the rest of the workout.

Sumo today with different equipment (Some kinda eleiko bar) and felt massively awkward. Worked up to 180kg which moved like 170kg last week and looks like 180kg is gonna be working weight now.

Technically lifetime rep PRs because I’ve never worked with 180 before… I dunno. Will add reps over the next few weeks.

Looking to continue to implement tweaks to better sumo technique but its kinda on auto pilot now. Just need to put in the time and practice and the gains will come.

Conventional 155kg x 5,6,7 Rep PRs

Planned to hit 3 sets of 5 for a Rep PR (again because haven’t worked with 155kg before) but the weight on the bar moved and felt like three biscuits a side and with a bit of peer pressure chucked a few more reps in easy. Good news if conventional builds sumo like I’ve been told

Bench 90kg x 6,6,6,5

More bench volume but feeling extra mad about that poverty bench because all my mates are beast benchers.

Squat 130kg x 5,5,5,4,3

No vid cos was absolutely smashed between sets

Wanted 5x5 at 130kg for a Volume PR but was drained and had nothing left in the quads. Got in some work and called it a day.

Deadlift is in a good place now so maybe time to focus other lifts


Gonna skip talking about that sexy colour matched outfit tho…but the only thing sexier than that was dem sumo deadlifts. 4 biscuits were moving faster than 170kg other time. looks like you could pull that all day.

The first vid was the better of the two IMO. I was all like:

I think I can take 90% of the credit for your sumo gains. @chris_ottawa and @Vincepac1500 can fight over the other 10%

I think so too. Choose a lift and lets get at it

Or do deadlift only lel


Secret to sumo deadlifts gains are sexy tights and outfit combos

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Ha I know your secret. Photoshop and other editing things to add plates and speed up your lifts… or the dreaded fake plates ala Brad Dingleberry


Btw I choose Squat.

To be honest Squat gains are slowing down should I drop the weight and build up again with reps or throw on belt and knee sleeves ( which give me 20kg)?

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Deads looked good.

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How long until I lift as much as you lol ?

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No idea. I think the real question is how long until you lift more than I do. I’m not putting up anything impressive yet.

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Start with the vid @theonecamko recommended and post up some of your squat vids or start a form check thread.

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This is my PB squat from about a month ago in sleeves.

That vid and the ones in this log are all I’ve got.

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Compared to sumo there’s a lot more big squatters around I thinks including some of the peeps who’ve already popped into this log.

I mean, thanks and all but a sub 1500 lbs total ain’t nothing to write home about unless you’re under 143 lbs. I do OK. OK is nothing to aim for. OK is baseline at best.

How much do you weigh? 143lbs? SHW? Bigger than @guineapig?

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