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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Sheiko Gold AI - Road To First Meet & 600kg+ / 1400 lb Total

What happened, you decided to switch to upper/lower after all?

Re: protein:
It depends on how big you are, bigger people’s bodies can use more protein. Seems pretty obvious, but some information out there seems to conflict with that. Interesting that Mike Israetel would post something saying to eat 20-40g protein per meal when he used to always post food pics together with macros and it was usually 50-70g per meal.

See these posts, these are from the lady who Stan Efferding wrongly attacked and then turned around and apologized:

EDIT: read the captions with these posts, there is more to it

Notice it say that more protein is beneficial when cutting weight

Mike Israetel is cool, he gives lots of good, free advice on his facebook page and he will answer your questions as well. It just seems like now and then he puts something out that conflicts with other things he said. Also, I didn’t watch the debate with him and Lyle Macdonald but if Lyle wasn’t a complete madman then this would have reflected badly on Mike because Lyle is still right about Schoenfeld. The problem with the “fitness industry” is that you have people elevated to guru status and their opinion is seen as infallible but really they are just ordinary people. Science can help to determine certain things about training and nutrition but they don’t have all the answers and to make matters worse there are people who selectively interpret data to “prove” their point when in reality it proves nothing.

In short, the more we learn, the more we realize we have learned nothing at all. The old-time bodybuilders who had zero data to back anything up said that you should eat 1g/lb of protein and train hard several times per week, it’s not totally precise but that’s basically all there is to it.


Scheduling mostly. I haven’t had a week go exactly as planned. Upper lower (+back) can just be alternated on any schedule every other day or consecutive days so if my week is all over the place e.g. travelling or busy at times then it still works alright. So far I’ve split it up in order like:

Bench + Push
Squat + Pull
Bench + Push
Deadlift + Pull
Squat + Lower Body

I’m bit uncomfy with deadlifting once a week but can’t really squeeze a full heavy deadlift in elsewhere without being smashed for the next workouts.

Was thinking maybe some lighter or least taxing (but still good for hypertrophy) variation or weighted back raises on the first squat day.

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Deadlift isn’t the greatest for hypertrophy anyway due to the lack of a real eccentric phase. You could do slow eccentric deadlifts after a squat day, which would be less taxing due to less weight used, or otherwise SLDL, RDL, GM, and so on would be fine. Back raises should be good too.

For a long time I mostly deadlifted twice a week and I wasn’t making any better progress than deadlifting once. Actually, the times when my deadlift made sudden progress I was deadlifting once. Of course other people will say otherwise, but more is not always better.



Lower body and back sesh at Doherty’s Campbellfield today. Haven’t got much food in me pre workout but will have a $10 KFC popcorn chicken bucket later and that’ll have plenty of calories for the day.

Not the freshest I’ve ever felt but not beat to shit either so I guess it’s a nice middle ground.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 5,6,4

Comp Squat 5x6 @ 120kg
SSB Squat 4 Sets @ 2x 45lb plates per side?
RDL? Lol 5 Sets @ 60 - 80kg

Bulgarian Split Squat 4 Sets @ BW - 20kg
Weighted Back Raises 3 Sets @ 20kg
Pull Ups 4 Sets
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets
Straight Arm Lats 3 Sets

Decent amount of squatting work today Total 30 reps @ 120kg.

On SSB bumped up the weight to two plates because couldn’t be arsed putting together 95kg in on plates as they were hidden on the other side of the gym. Dunno how much the whole thing ends up weighing

I think SSB needs to be slightly heavy to feel the effects but maybe this SSB Bar is shit. Camber isn’t too extreme maybe this is closer to a high bar squat than anything.

Gonna try out 1x per week main deadlift on a heavy deadlift day and another lighter variation day with some posterior chain work. RDLs today feeling uncomfy. Haven’t done em before and it’s a challenge to keep the bar close and hold on (apparently my grip has gone to shit). If this variation ends up being really limited by grip might have to do some strapless sets and then follow up with more straps more weight.

Belt Squat pad felt super uncomfy on my hip bones today. Tried like half a dozen pad positions higher and lower but all felt terrible. Only like 50 lbs total more weight on the machine but it’s uncomfy enough to not do it. Did split squats instead.

Didn’t quite have time to fit in Biceps and rear Delts but that’s ok. It’s small stuff and I’ll make it up later

Long tough one today but feels good man. Working



Up&Go 15p
KFC Popcorn Chicken 35p
Dried Apple Slices
Hungry Jacks Small Chips
Kit Kat
Popcorn Chicken 35p
Protein Shake 60p

$10 > 75g protein. Nice


I usually keep things here related to my training, physical activity, recovery and diet but during last session I was thinking again about transgender athletes prompted by a news story about two transgender females (M>F) beating a field of born females coming 1st and 2nd place.

Kinda distracting during a workout so I guess that’s the related the training part lol

That diet is making me hungry man ha . Good lifting pig

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Was just thinking that I’d like to play around with my squat stance a bit especially with the next block that’s meant to be comp squatting volume.

I went with narrow stance not too long ago at a time where I just couldn’t get the stance right it felt like. So I was like fuck it and went narrow. It’s been alright so far. Probably decent for Hypertrophy given that’s the block I’m in.

I’ll post up a thread asking about squat stance later

KFC diet my bruddah.

Get a good blended digestive enzyme and take 2 with each main meal. Makes a big difference. Farts will go from kill you dead, to just slightly intolerable lol.


Just use straps, there is no reason not to. If your grip sucks then don’t deadlift from the floor with straps, and you can do direct grip work as well. Letting assistance exercises be limited by grip strength just because your grip is weak means that you will get shitty results overall.


DietPig: Rest Day

Steak + Rice 35p
Kit Kat
Trail Mix
Shake 35p
Strawberry Milk 20p
Assorted BBQ Meats + Bread 10p
Cheeseburger + Nuggets 20p
Shake 35p

Mate you literally live on junk food. Have you ever considered what you might achieve if you really worked on meal prep and got your diet dialled right in.

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strong squat day, keep up the great work.

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Give me your cake



Upper body day at Advanced Fitness Northside In Shepparton. Pretty fookin warm but I hope the gym won’t be too bad.

Felt beat in the morning after a night of poor sleep and probably cumulative fatigue from the past few days. By the time late afternoon/early evening rolled around was feeling much better and ready to lift.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 5,4,4

Close Grip Bench Press 3 Sets @ 90kg
Overhead Press 4 Sets @ 50kg
DB Bench Press 3 Sets @ 32kg

Flyes 3 Sets
Front Delts 3 Sets
Side Delts 3 Sets
Facepull 5 Sets
Overhead Triceps 4 Sets

May have picked up a small tweak to my right pec on the last set of DBs. Will probably tone down next upper body day just in case.

Next session is gon be Deadlift anyway. Feels like a long time since I deadlifted being once a week so better hit it hard.




First day of the new month with another hot sweaty session at Advanced Fitness Northside Shepparton. Deadlifts today

Deadlifts (and other movements too) feeling fresh and moving strong but technique has degraded a bit with once a week training and hips don’t feel as mobile and able to open as usual.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 5,6,4

Deficit Sumo Deadlift 4 Sets @ 140kg
Conventional Deadlift 2 Sets @ 120kg

As mentioned above deadlifts moved well like RPE the morning paper lol. If wasn’t feeling a bit lightheaded at higher reps could hit 20 or some shit lol. Technique felt a bit off and hips weren’t opening up like usual.

In future might have some light sumo in later in the week for technique/mobility maintaining purposes.

Accessories moving easy all and blasted through to finish.

Pull-ups 3 Sets @ BW
Weighted Back Raises 3 Sets @ 20kg
Chest Supported Row 6 Sets
Straightarm Lats 2 Sets
Shrugs 4 Sets @ 60-120kg

Rear Delts 6 Sets
Biceps 10 Sets

Decent sesh. Happy with that.



Salmon + Rice 45p
Golden Gaytime x1
Iced Coffee 15p
Salmon + Rice 45p
1/2 Whopper 15p
Shake 35p

Sounds saucy … does the girlfriend know ?