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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road To First Meet

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I really don’t have many cues for bench or squat…maybe that’s why they aren’t as good lol however I do like to have the bar sit very low on my palm. I also tuck under the bar get my feet positioned and then set my arch. Switching to on my toes has definitely helped with my shoulder issues and if you don’t compete in a fed that doesn’t allow it give it a shot itll also cut some rom. I used to grip wider and could use my back on the way down but brought my grip in because of the shoulder crap so I may go back of it holds up. There’s a few things you could try. I think I’m more useful for deadlift lol

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Ha! I feel so special, unfortunately I don’t know jack…my cues at this point are simply to make myself a “part” of the bench (should be rock solid), drive my upper back into the bench and try to grab cloth with my shoulder blades, I try to bend the bar “down” towards my waist, not “down” around my chest.

Other folks have considerably more experience and expertise, these little cues have just helped me in the recent past. (Dave Tate has a bench manual put together at elitefts that is a good read as well.)

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Thanks for the input @Despade who got on the list cos I couldn’t think of anyone else and DL only god @Vincepac1500

Back handed compliment? Hahaha

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Don’t listen to me, I have the baddest form for any lifts at all.
But the squeeze the shit out of the bar, seems to help me getting tighter.
I’ll follow what others say around here… Might even learn something.

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Just join the upper body only crew.


if I’m understanding what Vince is saying about bench, I do something similar. Feet are the first thing I set in my setup, and I use my foot position to achieve tightness under the bar. So basically, I slide way under the bar on the bench, put my feet where I want them to be for the press, and then slide my body back towards my feet. Trying to figure out if this makes sense… basically, the spotter can’t be in position while I’m setting up, because I’d headbutt him in the nuts if he was standing there, because I’m sliding so far up the bench to start before I come back to proper position and set my arch. Man, this is hard to describe with words, I might make a video. But that’s the only way I can get tightness. If I try to set my arch first, THEN my feet, it doesn’t work particularly well. I just can’t force my feet underneath and create tension the way I want to.


Brian Alshrue’s bench video seems like just what you’re describing. My bench got so much more stable after watching that vid.


my form is a more exaggerated arch. I tuck my feet under more than he does, because I get on my toes.

Ahh. The toes never felt right for me. Though I’m not a great bencher so what do I know lol

lol! It’s definitely not for everyone. I also squeeze the bench with my legs for tightness. I don’t know a lot of people who do that but it works for me. Especially when the bench is wide and you’re not as concerned about lateral stability.

I’ll have to try it out again someday. I’ll do it on some weird supplemental variation so I don’t get all confused lol

@MarkKO has some videos on his log, setting up, almost as @flipcollar describes.
Tried it myself the other day, kinda felt fine.

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Drive your traps and head hard into the bench. Drive your heels down to drive yourself up onto your traps. Pull the bar apart as you bring it down and push your chest up to meet it. As soon as you touch, drive your heels down and out hard to push the bar off your chest and drive your traps harder into the bench.


Hmm. Have your ever posted a bench vid? All I remember is squats and deadlifts lol

Squeezing the bar is something I don’t think about much but I end up automatically gripping hard anyways.

I’ve tried the “pull through” set up with feet first before but then I can’t set my back well. But setting back first and legs seems to work good.

Check my log again, a miserably failed BP.

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